[Women’s World Cup] Bell says “we need to change Korean women’s soccer completely” after Morocco loss

We need to change the system, the personnel, and the players… We need to create an environment for young girls to grow. “”The national team will work together to make sure Korean women’s soccer does well” ADELAIDE (Yonhap) – Colin Bell, whose team’s hopes of reaching the round of 16 at the 2023 FIFA World Cup were extinguished by a loss to Morocco, has called for a complete overhaul of South Korea’s women’s soccer program. South Korea (17th in the FIFA rankings) lost 0-1 to Morocco (72nd) in their second Group H match on Tuesday at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, Australia .After a 0-2 loss to Colombia (25th) in the first leg on Sept. 25, the South Koreans have not scored a goal in two games, effectively ending their chances of advancing to the round of 16.In a post-match press conference, Bell emphasized the need to change the entire system of women’s soccer in Korea, including the WK League. The first emotion that came out of Bell’s mouth was disappointment. “There are good times and bad times in soccer, but this is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. I know how hard the players have worked for four years,” he said. “We didn’t show what we’re capable of,” he said, attributing his players’ struggles to psychological pressure. He added that the loss was a result of problems in the entire Korean women’s soccer ecosystem. “If you look at our players, we have the best players (in Korea),” Bell said, “but I don’t want to talk about their performance. I want to look at the bigger picture,” he said.” Most players in the WK League think, ‘If we win, it’s good, but if we lose, it’s not bad,'” he said, adding, “I don’t think that makes sense. That’s not how soccer works,” he said .He continued, “Competing to win is soccer. This World Cup is the reality. The best teams, the best managers, the best players are coming.” “If you win, you go 카지노사이트 up, if you lose, you go down. You have to open your eyes,” he urged .Bell called for a “complete restructuring,” referring to his native Germany.” The German characteristic is that when they have success and they struggle, they completely restructure,” he said. “That’s what the German men’s national team did. “The German men’s team went through a difficult period, and they completely changed.” We have a similar situation in women’s soccer. If the system is the same, the results will be the same.” “As a coach, (the tournament) feels like a warning. If you don’t succeed, it means that what you are doing is not working,” he said.” The system, the people, the players all need to change,” Bell said, noting that the challenge is to create an environment where girls can thrive. “We need to make sure that girls are playing each other and the best players are playing each other,” Bell said. “You have to have a clear vision. “There Bell also showed her determination to take charge of Korean women’s soccer. “I will make sure that Korean women’s soccer does well,” Bell said, adding, “The national team will also work together to achieve this goal.”

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