Coach Yeom Kyung-yup reprimands Plutko for cold “Need to take care of yourself responsibly”

SEOUL, South Korea (Yonhap) By Kim Kyung-yoon Reporter = LG Twins manager Yoon Kyung-yup has strongly reprimanded foreign pitcher Adam Plutko, 31, who has been out of the lineup with a cold.”Illness is an unavoidable problem, but you need to take care of yourself as much as possible,” Yim said on Tuesday when asked about Plutko’s timetable for returning to the field ahead of the 2023 Baseball World Series against the Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul, adding that he ordered responsible behavior not only from Plutko but from the entire team.” Our starting rotation almost collapsed when Plutko caught a cold right before his start,” Yeom said. “Fortunately, Choi Won-tae, who was acquired in a trade, was able to fill the void, but if it wasn’t for the trade, we would have lost a game without a plan.” Initially, Plutko was scheduled to start against Doosan on the 30th. However, Plutko reported to the club on Sept. 29 that he was feeling ill, leaving a gap in the rotation .Just in time, LG 카지노 acquired starting pitcher Choi Won-tae in a major trade with the Kiwoom Heroes to fill the gap. LG took a breather, but head coach Yoon Kyung-yeop didn’t take Plutko’s departure lightly. “If a main player suddenly drops out, it can lead to a losing streak, not just in that game,” he said, “so it’s a message to the players to focus on self-care.” “They should be as careful as possible, such as wearing thin jumpers in places with strong air conditioning winds,” he said. “I hope the players will continue to take care of themselves and play the rest of the season. In the future, we will take measures such as fining players who catch a cold. “LG is on a bold path to win the overall title this season. The team is “all-in” on winning the title, making bold trades based on a strict “win-now” mentality .The same can be said for Ace Plutko and the strong message he sent to his players. In order to reduce variables, the team has ordered its players to follow a stricter physical regimen than usual. It’s interesting to see how LG is going about challenging for the title.

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