Ukrainian elders defend village from destruction.

The village of Siversk in eastern Ukraine was shattered by Russian bombing.

Most of the residents have fled, but a few people in their 70s have stayed in town.

The sounds of bombing can be heard in the middle of the night, and there are frequent power outages, but that’s not a problem for the elderly.

Grandma ‘Olga’, 78, has been a teacher all her life, and she’s been searching for her things since the power went out.

Her bedroom was a mess and the glass doors of her cupboards were smashed.

Grandma shares bread brought by volunteers with her neighbors.

[Olga/Siversk village resident/78: “I want to live in normal conditions, 먹튀검증 we are tired, I am 78 years old.”]

Nina, 70, grows herbs and onions in front of her house to eat.

She says she will not leave her home until the war is over.

The elders of the village rely on each other and are grateful to be alive today.

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