Sports Toto releases a variety of games for hot competition KBO games

Sports Toto Korea, a trustee of Sports Toto, a sports promotion voting ticket issued by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, announced on the 22nd (Tue) that it will release one proto-game baseball victory, a proto-record ceremony, and a baseball Toto special this week.

The first baseball win and loss, which are gaining popularity even among beginners with little experience in Sports Toto, can be seen in the 97th round of the proto match, with LG-Lotte (95), SSG-NC (99), KT-KIA (103), Kiwoom-Doosan (107), and Hanwha-Samsung (111), and will be released at 6:20 p.m. on the 22nd (Tue).

In the 98th round of the proto match, LG-Lotte (47), SSG-NC (51), KT-KIA (55), Kiwoom-Doosan (59), Hanwha-Samsung (63), and LG-Lotte (139), SSG-NC (143), KT-KIA (147), Kiwoom-155), and Hanwha (155) will participate on the 23rd (Thursday). 먹튀검증

In addition, the 118th and 119th baseball Toto specials, which require two-game scoring stands (double) or three-game scoring stands (triple), will be released sequentially for games on the 23rd (Wed) and 24th (Thu), both for SSG-NC (1 game), KT-KIA (2 games), and Kiwoom-Doosan (3 games).

Finally, the 69th proto-record game, which is a game where you can guess the final score difference for this week’s Kiwoom-Doosan three consecutive games, can be purchased 10 minutes before each game starts, depending on the G (22nd game), J (23rd game), and L (24th game).

In this regard, an official from Sports Toto Korea said, “Sports Toto’s various games visit domestic baseball fans for KBO games that are getting hotter and hotter,” adding, “We look forward to your interest and participation in these games that can further enhance the fun of watching.”

Meanwhile, all games of Sports Toto for KBO games will be closed 10 minutes before the start of each target game, and detailed analysis of each target game can be found on the Toto Guide page in Batman.

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