South Korea’s top-ranked go player Shin Shin-seo has qualified for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games with a straight-sets victory .Shin won the fifth and sixth rounds of the Men’s Individual Go Qualifier Group A in straight sets on 26 June at the Chinese Academy of Go in Hangzhou, China. After winning all six of his qualifying games, Shin advanced to the quarter-finals as the top seed in Group A. His opponent in the quarter-finals will be Chinese Taipei’s Lai Jun-Fu 8 dan.In Group B, Park Jung-hwan 9 dan won five games and lost one to reach the quarter-finals as second in the group. His next opponent will be Chinese Taipei’s Hsiu Hao-hung 9th dan. The first and second place finishers in each group were matched against the fourth and third place finishers in the other group .If Shin and Park win their quarterfinal matches side by side, they will face each other in the quarterfinals .On the other side of the quarter-finals, Group B’s top-ranked Kirze 9th dan (CHN) will face Toramaru Shibano 9th dan (JPN), while Yang Dingxin 9th dan (CHN) will face Ryo Ichiriki 9th dan (JPN).The time limit is three 30-second first reads in one hour each. The bonus is seven and a half moves according to Chinese rules. The Korean team will be hoping to sweep all three gold medals – men’s individual, men’s and women’s team – at the event, which marks the sport’s return to the Asian Games after a 13-year absence. Korea swept the men’s and women’s team and mixed doubles gold medals at the 2010 카지노사이트 Guangzhou Games, the first time the sport was included in the programme.

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