Proceeds will apply to tax breaks, education and public safety programs.

The new legislative bill, Senate Joint Resolution 17, will establish the Texas Game Commission and create a framework for state-legalized gambling. The bill limits the number and types of licenses to gamble in Texas. It will also pave the way for future sports betting.

Class I license
Up to four casino resorts will be allowed in the state. Each will be a metropolitan area with a population of at least 2 million people. Each casino is taxed on 25% of the total revenue of the slot machine and 10% of the table game. Proceeds will apply to tax breaks, education and public safety programs.

Tribal casinos will have the opportunity to add state-authorized games with negotiated game contracts. In return, the state will receive a tax on casinos revenue. There are three tribal casinos in Texas: the kikapu lucky eagle casino in eagle pass, the nasquila gaming in livingston, and the speaking rock entertainment center in El Paso. 바카라

Class II License
Up to three licenses will be issued for horse racing operators in metropolitan areas to add “limited casino gambling” to the track.

Class III License
Two Class III licenses are available to add limited casino gambling in Greyhound races.

The new bill calls for a revision of the state’s constitution. For this change, the bill must be approved by two-thirds of both houses and then approved by voters through a referendum. If sports betting is enacted, it could be granted by a legislative majority rather than a supermajority.

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