Pak Se-ri’s 25th Anniversary of “Barefoot Shot”…Seri Kids, U.S. Open Jung Aim

Pak Se-ri’s 25th Anniversary of “Barefoot Shot”…Seri Kids, U.S. Open Jung Aim

Many people will remember the “barefoot shot” that golf legend Pak Se-ri showed at the US Women’s Open.After 25 years, a commemorative documentary was released just before the competition.Twenty-two “Seri Kids” who grew up watching this shot will participate in this competition.

In 1998, Pak Se-ri took off her socks and dipped her feet in the water without hesitation.

Pak Se-ri, who turned a crisis that seemed impossible to escape with a historic “barefoot shot” into an opportunity, recalls that time.

<Park Se-ri / 1998 US Women’s Open Win> “The sense I felt in my hand was something I’ve never felt before.” That was my best shot. Should I say it’s my best shot.”

At a time when the whole country was reeling from the IMF crisis, Pak Se-ri, who won the US Women’s Open through adversity, gave the people the courage to “do it.”

Pak Se-ri has since become a dream and envy.

<Park Se-ri / 1998 US Women’s Open Win> “It’s not the same as 25 years ago. It just feels like yesterday every time after time. I think my dream changed from the moment it became someone’s dream.”

While Pak Se-ri carried other people’s dreams and hit one stroke and one stroke, the “Seri Kids” grew up well and reached the top of the US Women’s Open 10 times.

If Pak Se-ri was the only Korean player to participate in the tournament 25 years ago, 22 “Seri Kids” are now aiming for the championship, led by Ko Jin-young, the world’s No. 1 player who is trying to recapture the major for the first time in four years.

<Ko Jin-young / World No. 1> “I think I had a pretty good life because I was able to play in such a good place.” I think I’m one of the luckiest players in the world.”

With South Korean players following Pak Se-ri aiming to win the US Open, the end of 2014 winner Korean-American Michelle Wie, who will retire for the last time, is also to be seen.


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