Okcheon golf course to move ball to Chungbuk province amid environmental group protests

Okcheon-gun announced on the 11th that it applied to the Chungbuk Provincial Office for a change of use area and determination of a sports facility after reviewing a proposal for the tentative ‘Okcheon Perfume CC’ to be built on 1.193 million square meters in Jiyang-ri, Dong-myeon.Accordingly, Chungbuk-do, in consultation with the Geumgang Basin Environment Agency, will evaluate the impact on the environment (strategic environmental impact assessment) and then hold a city planning review committee to decide whether to adopt it.K Development plans to build a 27-hole public golf course and a golf hotel (31 rooms) here. The controversy surrounding the construction of the golf course here began in 2011.

At the time, K Development submitted a business proposal to Okcheon County, and environmental groups strongly opposed the project, citing water pollution of Daecheong Lake.The project, which seemed to have died down since then, was reignited in December last year when the company submitted another proposal.Upon hearing the news, environmental groups immediately formed a task force and demanded that the golf course be canceled.”If the golf course is built, the drinking water source of 4 million people in Chungcheong Province will be threatened, and the habitat of oystercatchers, eagle owls, and shrews living nearby will be destroyed,” 카지노사이트킹 they said, demanding that the project be canceled.

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