Lee Ik-soo runs 1 kilometer down Olympic Boulevard to catch drunken hit-and-run driver

Lee Ik-soo runs 1 kilometer down Olympic Boulevard to catch a drunken hit-and-run driverThis is , where we meet the main characters in the news.The hero of the 2002 World Cup, Lee Ik-Soo, has become a hero once again.He sprinted down Olympic Boulevard in the middle of the night to catch a drunken hit-and-run driver.What’s the story? Find out in today’s Newsmaker of the Day.It was around 10:50 p.m. on April 4 when the midnight chase on Olympic Boulevard began.A man in his 40s with a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08% and a revoked license fled after colliding with a taxi.The victimized taxi driver gave chase, but his advanced age made it difficult to catch the drunk driver.But then!A hero appeared on the scene.Mr. Lee Ik-soo, a former national soccer player.”His feet suddenly moved. I think I was just thinking about catching him.”This is how Lee describes the situation.After hearing the elderly taxi driver’s voice asking for help, Lee got out of the car and chased the drunken hit-and-run driver for about a kilometer through the rain.He was wearing flip-flops and the next guardrail was a cliff, so it was a very dangerous situation, but Ik-Soo Lee was focused on catching the hit-and-run driver, regardless of the obstacles, just like he was sprinting to the goal in the 2002 World Cup.This act of kindness is especially noteworthy because of another heroic story from Lee’s past.A few years ago, Iksoo Lee ran to catch a molester in a women’s restroom as he fled in his car.In response, his wife posted on social media, “Praise you, Iksoo!” to show off for her husband.Mr. Lee’s story doesn’t end there.Lee is currently interacting with fans through his YouTube channel, showing his love for soccer.In April, he held a charity auction for two signed jerseys from his playing days and donated the proceeds to a youth soccer development fund.During his playing days, Lee was called a genius for his skills, but he was also nicknamed a troublemaker for his unruly behavior on and off the field, receiving numerous ejections and disciplinary actions.But his enduring love of the game and his many good deeds have shown why he was the hero of the 2002 World Cup.So far, so ‘newsmaker’.LeeChun-Soo

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