Kim Yeon-ah and Yoon Sung-bin ‘Again in Pyeongchang’… Supporting the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games

Kim Yeon-ah, Yoon Sung-bin ‘Again in Pyeongchang’… Cheer for Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic GamesThe start of the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Gangwon Province next January is 200 days away.Winter sports stars such as “Figure Queen” Kim Yeon-ah and “Iron Man” Yoon Sung-bin have come out to promote the event.Reporter Jeong Ju-hee reports.[Reporter]With 200 days to go until the start of the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games on January 19, which will feature more than 1,800 youth athletes aged 15 to 18 from more than 70 countries, “Figure Queen” Kim Yeon-ah served as a presenter to unveil the medals.She explained that the back of the medal, which was designed by the youth, depicts the nature of Gangwon Province, which is hosting the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Asia, and the snowflake, a symbol of the Winter Olympics.”Although I have won a medal before, I think it’s the first time we’re unveiling it like this, so there’s a different kind of excitement. I will do my best to support the youth athletes who are trying their best to win this wonderful medal.”Ice stars such as Jin Jong-oh, co-organizing committee chairman Lee Sang-hwa, who won an emotional silver medal in Pyeongchang, and former short track national team member Kwak Yoon-ki appeared in uniforms that will be worn by volunteers.Seven of the nine venues for the Winter Youth Olympic Games will be from PyeongChang,”The 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games will inherit the great legacy of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, evolve and upgrade it, and become eternal.”He hoped that juniors Yoon Sung-bin and Choi Min-jung, who won gold medals in Pyeongchang, would be able to recreate the excitement of Pyeongchang.


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