Kim Min-seong has returned to his hometown Lotte Giants

Free agent Kim Min-seong has returned to his hometown Lotte Giants after 14 years.

On the 26th, Kim Min-sung signed a free agent contract with his former club, the LG Twins, for a total of 900 million won (200 million won down payment, 500 million won annual salary, and 200 million won option) for 2+1 years, and immediately moved to Lotte in a one-for-one trade for infielder Kim Min-soo.

Kim Min-sung, who returned to his former club after 14 years, said, “First of all, I’m very happy to be back with the Lotte Giants. I can still hear the cheering voices of the Busan fans. I would like to thank the club for treating me with sincerity and recognizing my value.” “Lotte has many young players with great potential, so I will use my experience to help the young players develop well and play the role that the team wants in attack and defense.” He also thanked the LG fans for their passionate love and support.

After graduating from Deoksu Information High School and joining Lotte in 2007 with the 13th pick in the second round, Kim was traded to the Nexen Heroes in 2010, where he bulked up to become a mid-to-long range infielder. 온라인카지노 After becoming a free agent after the 2018 season, Kim signed a three-year, 1.8 billion won contract with the Kiwoom Heroes on March 5, 2019, for a total of 300 million won (300 million won in down payment, 1.2 million won in annual salary, and 300 million won in options), and then moved to LG in a sign-and-trade format for 500 million won in cash, becoming the second free agent after LG won the championship last season.

He played as the main third baseman but eventually became an all-around backup.

With the third base spot locked up to Moon Bo-kyung until 2022, Kim excelled as a backup at every position in the infield last year. In the early part of the season, he filled in for star shortstop Oh Ji-hwan when he went down with a side injury, then moved to second base after Seo Geon-chang went down with a slump, and later played first, third, and second base as a backup until the end of the season. He has played more than 100 defensive innings at every position in the infield, including first base (105.2 innings), second base (280 innings), third base (135 innings), and shortstop (145 innings).

He was the first player to play 100+ innings in all four infield positions in a season since 2001, when the KBO officially started keeping track of defensive innings.Kim’s presence allowed the team to manage the injuries and fitness of its main players, and was the key to their first championship in 29 years.

In 112 regular-season games, Kim batted .273 (68-for-273) with eight home runs and 41 RBIs. In the Korean Series, he appeared in four games as a substitute and helped the team win the title.

It was also Kim Min-seong’s first championship.

After winning the championship, he filed for free agency for the second time. He became a free agent along with Lim Chan-kyu and Ham Deok-ju. Negotiations with Im Chan-kyu and Ham Deok-ju seemed to be difficult. Kim Min-sung seemed to be able to do it quickly, and because of the team’s situation, Im Chan-gyu and Ham Deok-joo were prioritized first, so once they signed, Kim Min-sung’s contract would be announced quickly. Kim Min-sung is 36 years old, and because he is a B-grade player, it is not easy to move to another team because there are compensation players.

When LG, which has a lot of younger backups, didn’t offer him a contract that he was happy with, he thought about a sign-and-trade, which he did with Lotte.

Kim has a career batting average of 2.669 with 1,406 hits, 131 home runs, and 725 RBIs. As a professional athlete with a strong sense of responsibility and the ability to play all positions in the infield, Lotte expects Kim to be an exemplary leader for its young roster.

Coming to LG, Kim joined the Lotte organization in the second round of the 2017 secondary draft after graduating from Jemulpogo in Incheon. Up until last year, he played in 188 games with the first team, batting 2-for-4 with 106 hits (three home runs) and a 0.630 OPS (0.313 on-base percentage and 0.317 slugging percentage), 바카라사이트 추천 and in 304 games with the second team, he batted 2-for-9 with 252 hits (37 home runs), 163 RBIs and a 0.876 OPS (0.388 on-base percentage and 0.488 slugging percentage).

LG said that Kim Min-soo is a former youth representative who completed his military service with the National Police Agency and was judged to be an infielder with a strong batting average, good handling, and decent throwing ability.

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