KIA 2024 contract negotiations complete

Kia Tigers third baseman Park Chan-ho joins the 300 million won salary club.

Kia Motors on Friday finalized contracts with 46 players for the 2024 season. Of the re-signings, 24 players received raises, nine were frozen, and 13 were cut.

Pitcher Lim Ki-young re-signed for 250 million won, 안전놀이터 up 66.7 percent from 150 million won. Choi Ji-min received a 233% increase from 30 million won to 100 million won, the highest increase on the team. 23-year-old rookie Yoon Young-chul re-signed for 90 million won, up 200% from 30 million won.

Infielder Park Chan-ho re-signed for 300 million won, up 50% from 200 million won. This makes him the highest paid non-FA re-signee (excluding foreign players). Kim Do-young signed for 100 million won, up 100% from 50 million won, and Byun Woo-hyuk signed for 60 million won, up 25 million won (71.4%) from 35 million won.

Outfielder Lee Woo-sung signed for 130 million won, up 136% from 55 million won, and catcher Han Jun-soo re-signed for 50 million won, up 19 million won (61.3%) from 31 million won.

Lee became the first player to earn a billion-dollar salary after his professional debut, 파워볼실시간 while Kim Do-young and Choi Ji-min became billion-dollar earners in their third year.

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