Jeju defeated Daejeon 1-0 in the 15th round of the Hana Bank K League

Jeju United overcame the double whammy of stamina and a grueling away trip to win their second straight match.

Jeju defeated Daejeon 1-0 in the 15th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on Monday, thanks to a first-half injury-time goal from Han Jong-moo. With their second straight win, Jeju jumped to seventh place with 20 points. ‘Bottom’ Daejeon have now gone six games without a win (two draws and four losses), including three straight defeats.

Jeju coach Kim Hak-beom had a lot on his mind when we met before the game. Jeju played Suwon FC at home on the 26th as an underwater match. Heavy rains poured down, water pooled on the field, and the physical burden was considerable. However, with so many injuries, rotation was out of the question. “The players are in great shape,” says Kim. Seo Jin-soo lost a whopping 2.9 kilograms. We don’t have any players who can play in normal shape. 안전놀이터 추천 Even if I wanted to change, there are no players to change. Daejeon is determined to win the two home games, including this one. They sent out players they had saved for this game. They even had one more day off than us.”

As the team is based in Jeju, there were also complaints about traveling on the road.

“Yesterday, we flew in through Cheongju, which took five hours. There are many flight delays and landings. Fortunately, there are many flights in the metropolitan area, but the rest of the country has to move according to the time.”

Kim had one solution. “It’s inevitable that there will be a rainy season, man.” “We have to endure it. We have to hold on somehow,” he said, adding, ‘The only card we can play is to hold on and win the game in the second half.’

The idea was to take advantage of the opponent’s urgency as they were in a crisis. In the end, the decisive goal was the first goal. Acting Daejeon head coach Jung Kwang-seok also said, “Jeju and us are difficult teams to beat if we concede first. It’s important to score goals without conceding,” he said.

The match went according to Kim’s intentions. Jeju was focused and defended well against Daejeon’s attacks. Contrary to Kim’s worries, Jeju’s mobility didn’t deteriorate much. They even scored the first goal. In the 46th minute, Jeju stole the ball from Joo Se-jong in the center circle. Hayes caught it and slid it to Baek Seung-heon, 슬롯사이트 who cut in from the left. Seung-Heon Baek found Han Jong-Moo, who cut through the middle and finished calmly. Jeju held on to the goal to seal the 1-0 victory.

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