Its a Wow Kim Danbi Triple Double Since the Opening Game

Woori Bank, the ‘defending champion’ of women’s professional basketball

won after overtime in the opening game of the 2023-2024 season against BNK on the 5th. 

Woori Bank led the team to victory in the opening game thanks to Kim Dan-bi

who won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) honors in the regular league and championship game last season 카지노사이트

recording a triple-double.

Woori Bank defeated BNK 74-70 in overtime in a home game held at Yi Sun-sin Gymnasium in Asan

South Chungcheong Province on this day. 

The two teams went into overtime with a score of 64-64 through the fourth quarter. 

The two teams faced each other in the championship match last season, and Woori Bank won the championship trophy with three consecutive wins

achieving a combined championship following the regular season.

On this day, Danbi Kim recorded 32 points, 17 rebounds, and 10 assists. 

Kim Dan-bi, who achieved her 7th career triple-double in the regular league

surpassed Shin Jeong-ja (retired, 6th) and rose to second place in this category. 

The all-time leader in this category is women’s national basketball team coach Seon-min Jeong

who recorded eight triple-doubles during her career. 

Kim Dan-bi, who had recorded 498 blocked shots before today’s game

added three more on this day to exceed 500. 

The leader in career blocked shots is Lee Jong-ae, who retired after recording 862. 

Woori Bank also contributed to the victory with a double-double performance of 14 points and 14 rebounds.

Woori Bank coach Wi Sang-woo said after the game, “I expected it to be a difficult game.

The condition of the players who returned from the national team (during the Hangzhou Asian Games) did not look good

he said.

In the end, the strength of veterans and seniors made the difference.

BNK was disappointed as they lost focus at the end of the game. 

BNK’s veteran forward Kim Han-byeol was forced off with 5 fouls just 21 seconds into overtime, and from then on

the odds of victory gradually tilted towards Woori Bank. 

BNK coach Park Jeong-eun expressed regret


The players’ inability to concentrate in the game led to defeat.

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