Iraq expels Swedish ambassador over Quran burning.

Protesters fill the streets in front of the Swedish Embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

One by one, they climb the walls and soon set the embassy on fire.

The roof of the embassy is already occupied by protesters.

They wave pictures of Shiite leaders and banners and shout slogans.

They stormed the embassy last month to protest the burning of the Quran, an Islamic holy book, in Stockholm, Sweden.

At the time, Salwan Momika, a Christian from Iraq, stomped on a Quran in front of a mosque and set it on fire, drawing the ire of the Islamic world.

[Hassan Ahmed/Protester: “(Burning the Quran) is against the feelings of Islam. It is provocative and hurts feelings. We demand that religious organizations stop this act.”]

Embassy staff are reportedly safe.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said it would thoroughly investigate the incident and hold those responsible to account according to the law.

However, protesters continued to demonstrate with blunt objects and throwing stones.

They also emphasized that they would continue their protests.

[Hussein Karim/Protester: “Our demands are clear, even small children will know them, our demands to the whole world are clear.”]

Last month’s Quran-burning protests, which prompted the embassy raids, 카지노사이트킴 have sparked a backlash from countries in the Muslim world.

The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Morocco and Iraq recalled their ambassadors to Sweden to protest at the time, while Iran withheld its ambassador to Sweden.

In the midst of this, Iraq’s prime minister expelled his country’s ambassador to Sweden and ordered the withdrawal of Sweden’s ambassador to Iraq, foreign media reported.

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