Future ‘uncertain’ at Bayern Munich…”could be my last season” says Kroos

Leroy Sane (27-Bayern Munich) has yet to sign a new contract at Bayern Munich, leading to speculation that he could leave next summer. If he does decide to leave, he could join Real Madrid and Barcelona, who have shown interest.

Multiple media outlets, including Germany’s Bild and Spain’s Sport, reported on May 5 (KST) that “You could leave next summer. Your future is currently uncertain,” and “With interest from Real Madrid and Barcelona, it is possible that this season will be your last at Bayern Munich.”

In fact, the five-year contract he signed when he joined Bayern Munich in 2020 expires in June 2025. At the end of this season, he will have one year left on his contract. However, there have been no concrete contract talks yet. This is why he is considering a move.

Zane has reportedly been open to a move, especially after receiving interest from several clubs during last summer’s transfer window. Along with that, it has been suggested that if he receives a concrete offer next summer, he would be happy to accept it and finish his stay with Bayern Munich.

“You are at the best moment of your career and you are one of the indispensable players for Bayern Munich. You have good chemistry with your teammates and a good relationship with coach Thomas Tuchel (50-Germany),” but added: “Last summer he hinted that he could leave if he received a satisfactory offer. He has stayed, but he could leave next summer.”

You’re a German-born flanker who made your professional debut for Schalke in 2014. His best attributes are his explosive speed and excellent dribbling ability. He 카지노 creates threatening chances with his sharp left-footed kicks and is also adept at creating offense with his own finishing.

After two years at Schalke, Zane’s full potential was realized when he moved to Manchester City in 2016. He was dubbed the fastest man in the English Premier League (EPL). He struggled for a while with an anterior cruciate ligament injury, but he overcame it and donned a Bayern Munich jersey in 2020.

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