Customers Not Impressed By The Great Canadian Casino Toronto

The Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto has been open for more than a month, but some customers were not exactly happy with the state of the $1 billion game resort. Great Canadian Entertainment’s new site was promised to revolutionize Toronto’s entertainment environment, but feedback from early customers suggests the property may not be up to standard.

Located close to Woodbine Racecourse, Toronto’s newest gambling facility cost about C$1 billion and provides work for about 2,000 people. With 4,800 slots, 145 live tables, 400 hotel rooms and a huge live show venue, it is the nation’s largest casino with 328,000 square feet of gaming space.

Despite the CA$1 billion investment, some of the customers of the new casino are not happy with their experience. Jeff, one of the guests who visited the game resort in July, said the property is still largely under construction. He described the casino as a converted warehouse with leftover equipment from a failed location. 릴게임

Meanwhile, others have compared it to the Las Vegas casino and come to the conclusion that it is still a long way off. Another visitor, Carmen, acknowledged that the property, which opened in June 2023, was moodless and that she preferred both Niagara Falls casinos over this. Others, like Gregg, said it was hard to see how this was a $1 billion casino and his expectations were low in the first place.

Another problem between customers is table restrictions. Customers are unhappy with the minimum bets on some tables. Michael Sauro advised the property to investigate the subject. He argues that the minimum wage for table games should not always be CA$50-100 because it alienates people. On the other hand, other customers complained that there were not enough cashiers working on Saturday nights.

The new resort will reportedly have an economic impact of CA$500 million on Ontario, with Toronto generating CA$357 million in revenue, more than the previous casino Woodbine. In addition, the province also receives large amounts of capital from the online gambling and sports betting markets that boost the local economy.

However, it should also be noted that Toronto’s new gambling houses are still in the opening stage, with amenities gradually operating. Casino hotels, for example, will begin operations on August 1, 2023, while the resort will offer premium poker rooms to open to the public later in the summer.

Previously, the company said the new poker room would house the local market’s poker player base, offering 30 tables in a complete private floor with electronic table games and slots for those waiting for seats, as well as various levels of ‘No Limit’ and ‘Limit’ for interesting play options.

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