1st place in the shortstop WAR, surpassing the average OPS…Will the last batter’s GG dream come true

The August hit is on a steep upward curve. He is batting .441 with 26 hits in 59 at-bats in 72 at-bats. He scored 17 points with seven RBIs and three steals. In particular, he also has a lead-off instinct. He picked up 12 walks. The on-base percentage in August reached .355. His slugging percentage is 559 percent and OPS 1.094.

Until the 19th, he has been hitting two hits, four hits, two hits, three hits and two hits in the last five games, and 13 hits in 20 at-bats. It’s a blow to the windfall. In terms of hitting in August alone, his batting average and OPS are second, respectively, after Samsung’s Koo Ja-wook. In the end, the season’s batting average also surpassed .303. He is proudly ranked 12th in batting average. It’s the first time since our debut that we’ve surpassed 30 percent. 스포츠토토

He also ranked first among shortstops in terms of contribution to substitute players. The possibility of a .300 shortstop, which seemed impossible now, is also growing. Park Chan-ho said during an exhibition game in March, “I’m never a good hitter. It doesn’t get the league average OPS. “I have to post this,” he said, suggesting his goal along with blaming himself.

He has steadily improved his batting ability every year. In 2020, he was the last in the batting average at-bats. Following a career high of .246 in 2021, 2022. He raised his batting average to .272, with a batting average of .341 and an on-base percentage of .344. Nevertheless, the OPS was only .685.
He was determined to improve his batting average and OPS figures because he fell short of the league average (.712). So I grew my strength. “I’ve developed muscle mass and power. He also gained up to 78 kilograms. “There is a high probability of a hit only when you hit a stronger ball,” he said. At the same time, he also declared that he would be reborn as the best shortstop to hit, saying, “Now I want to ride the Golden Glove.”

Although he shouted loudly, he suffered a severe slump with a batting average of .181 in April. It was booming at .381 in May, but fell again to .218 in June. Faith seemed to disappear due to the severe blow, but in the hot summer, the bat heated up. It rebounded to .32% in July and soared to .441 in August.

Finally, the OPS is .738, which is above the league average. He also stole 20 bases. He is showing off his best offense among the 10 shortstop teams. Moreover, he has been criticized for his occasional glaring mistakes, but his defense is showing more stability recently. It is evaluated that it has emerged as a complete shortstop for offense and defense. The once last-place hitter is making a hot run for his first career top shortstop, the Golden Glove

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