Asian Games, Kim Kwan-woo Lifts Gold in ‘Spa V’

[Asian Games] Kim Kwan-woo Lifts Gold in ‘Spa V’… Former Office Worker, ‘The Most Senior’

Streak of wins in the first national team game… Defeat Chinese Taipei in the finals and take the top spot

Kim Kwan-woo (44), who participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG),

as a representative of ‘Street Fighter V’ (Spa V) and won the first official gold medal in e-sports history on the 28th,

is the only person in his 40s and the oldest among the e-sports players,

who are mostly in their teens and twenties.

He is a player.

Kim Kwan-woo

The Kim Kwan-woo is a so-called ‘go-in-mul’ (gaming slang referring to an old expert)

player who has been known since the late 1990s by winning prizes in domestic and international competitions in the fighting game

‘The King of Fighters’ series. 카지노사이트위키

Kim Kwan-woo changed his main sport to the ‘Street Fighter’ series in the 2000s,

participated several times in the Evolution Championship Series (EVO),

an international fighting game competition held in the United States.

Earlier this year, he reached the round of 16 in the ‘Capcom Cup IX’ competition held by Capcom,

the ‘Street Fighter’ company, and won the Korean regional championship title in the ‘2022 Capcom Pro Tour World Warrior’ competition.

Kim Kwan-woo won the second Hangzhou AG national team selection competition and was named to the national team selection list following the first winner Yeon Je-gil (36).

Kim Kwan-woo, who won the first match against Kazakhstan and was transferred to the winner’s bracket,

went undefeated and advanced to the finals by defeating Singapore and Japan,

followed by Taiwan’s Xiang Yu-lin and Lin Li-wei.

Street Fighter

Yeon Je-gil, who also performed on the Hangzhou stage,

ended the Asian Games schedule by losing to Japan’s Kenryo Hayashi with a set score of 2:1 on the 26th.

Unlike other sports such as League of Legends (LoL) or ‘Battleground Mobile’

in which professional gamers belonging to professional e-sports gaming teams compete,

Kim Kwan-woo is known to have been maintaining his work life and professional gamer life in parallel.

He usually works as a game streamer on the Internet broadcasting platform ‘Twitch’ and communicates with his fans.

Fighting games are a genre of games where you win by manipulating various characters and reducing the opponent’s physical strength to 0 first.

‘Street Fighter’ is a representative fighting game brand that celebrates its 36th anniversary this year.

It is based on ‘Street Fighter‘, first released in 1987 by Japanese game company Capcom,

is well known in Korea through ‘Street Fighter 2’, which dominated arcades in the 1990s.

The latest work is ‘Street Fighter 6’, which was released last June,

but this AG was held with the previous work ‘Street Fighter V’, which was released in 2016.

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