“A meaningful place to me”

Woori Card, a men’s professional volleyball team, is promoting its hometown. Foreign player Mattei Kok (registered name Mattei) will wear a Christmas uniform marked with “Gwangjang Market” and Han Sung-jung, the main outside heater, “Hongdae Entrance.”

Woori Card unveiled its second Christmas special uniform following last season. Like last season, the back of the uniform contains Seoul’s attractions, not the player’s name.

In addition to Mattei and Han Sung-jung, each player chose one place. Kim Ji-han chose Namdaemun to become a national treasure player in Korea. Lee Kang-won (Han River), Han Tae-joon (Seoul Station), Kim Kwang-il (Cheong Wa Dae), Hwang Joon-tae (Sebit Island), Oh Jae-seong (Buk Skyway), Lee Seung-won (Wangsimni), Choi Seok-ki (Jangchung Gymnasium), Kim Young-joon (Children’s Grand Park), Park Joon-hyuk (Dongdaemun), Kim Dae-hwan (Byeolmadang Library), Kim Wan-jong (Namsan Seoul Tower), Jeong Seong-gyu (Seokchon Lake), Kim Jae-hwi (Buksan Mountain), Lee Sang-hyun (Cheonggyecheon), Kim Hyung-geun (Ttukseom Recreation Area), Itsei Otake (Ichon-dong), Kim Dong-min (Jong-ro), Park Jin-woo (Gwanghwamun), and Song Myung-geun (Daehak-ro) will also wear uniforms with the names of their respective attractions.

Woori Card said, “Matei Kok chose the Gwangjang Market where she enjoyed her first date with her girlfriend in Korea.”

Matei, who met after the OK Financial Group match on the 3rd, said, “I went to Gwangjang Market twice.” The first time, my girlfriend showed me a video the day before she left and told me that she would go tomorrow. It is the most famous market in Korea. They also sell traditional food. remain a good memory. Also, my girlfriend’s family came to Korea recently. I went there at that time, too, and it was nice,” he explained.

Mattei’s girlfriend, Anya Spoliyar, is a former Slovenian basketball player who is now retired. Mattei and I entered Korea in August this year.

Before the season, Mattei’s girlfriend made a list of places to stay in Korea and go. In response, Matay said, “It’s not for me, it’s a list focused on girlfriends. My girlfriend has already been to Busan and Jeju Island with her family. I couldn’t go,” he said. “I went to the palace in Seoul with my girlfriend, the market and tourist attractions in Seoul. I think most of the lists are now checked,” he said with a smile.

There is also a reason why Han Sung-jung chose “Hongdae Entrance.” Han Sung-jung, born in 1996, went to Hongik University after passing through Samyang Elementary School, Okcheon Middle School, and Okcheon High School and received the Woori Card nomination as the first overall pick in the 2017 rookie draft.

In fact, Han Sung-jung played a college volleyball league at Hongik University Gymnasium in Seoul when he was in college. At that time, Hongik University members also included setters Kim Hyung-jin (Korean Air) and Jung Sung-kyu (Woori Card). Han Sung-jung said, “The players all decided on attractions and said what they meant. Hongik University entrance remained, and it was a meaningful place for me, so I did it,” he said.

Han Sung-do also joined the ranks of married men after signing a 100-year family contract this year. He said, “It’s mentally helpful. But our dorm is in Incheon and our house is in Suwon. I don’t see my wife often. I’m preparing to move, he said. “I can commute from the team now, but it’s too far.”

Woori Card’s Christmas special uniform will be presented to fans at home games against Hyundai Capital on the 20th and away games against KB Insurance on the 23rd.

Meanwhile, the V-League All-Star voting will take place in December. Fans will select players for the V-League All-Star Game at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on January 27, 2024. In response, Matay said, “I think it would be good to be picked. I watched the Korean All-Star Game and it was big like the NBA in the U.S. It is different from Slovenia. “I want to feel it,” he said, and Han Sung-jung said, “I don’t think I can because there are so many popular players on the team,” but added, “If you pick me, I will make the fans happy.”


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