Yoo Min-soo, Yang Joon-Kim fill injury void with Freddie’s flawless defense

Yoo Min-soo (20, 200 cm) goes to bat for his team.

Korea University’s Yoo Min-soo came off the bench to score one point, grab four rebounds, and dished out three assists in the KUSF 2023 KU Basketball U-League game against Kookmin University at Kookmin University’s Global Campus Gymnasium on Feb. 2. He didn’t score a lot of points, but his effort didn’t show up on the stat sheet. Yoo Min-soo did the dirty work throughout the game, rebounding and defending hard, contributing to the team’s 76-54 victory.

After the game, Yoo said, “We were missing a lot of our main players, but we did a good job together. I’m glad we won. It’s more rewarding and feels good because we won together,” he said after the game.

On this day, KU filled the absence of the center with Yoo Min-soo and Lee Dong-geun. Yoo Min-soo made a great contribution to shutting down KU’s scoring by guarding Freddie, the core of KU’s offense, and also perfectly filled the void left by Lee Dong-geun, who had four fouls in the fourth quarter. Coach Kim Tae-hyung also commented on the situation after the game, saying, “(Yoo) Min-soo made a good save. He did a good job,” and praised Yoo Min-soo.

Yoo Min-soo responded, “Our brothers went out and we took their place. That’s why I tell Dong-geun and Lee not to be negative with each other. We may not be up to the standards of our older brothers, but we’re working hard to make up for it. I think that makes it more fun,” he laughs.

KU’s starting center Yang Jun is currently undergoing rehabilitation after knee surgery, so his return is expected to be in August at the earliest. Captain Kim Tae-hoon is also expected to return in May, so Yoo Min-soo will have to do more than just play the 바카라사이트 five, defend, and rebound. Yoo’s role under the basket has grown.

“It’s actually quite difficult (laughs). Usually, my older brothers (Yang) Jun-i and (Kim) Tae-hoon give me a lot of advice. I’m still learning. I’m still learning, but I have a lot of help from my seniors and coaches.”

Yoo showed promise last year when he was named to the U-19 national team alongside teammates Moon Yoo-hyun and Yoon Ki-chan of Korea University. After revitalizing Korea University last season with his strong performances following the national team, Yoo Min-soo expressed his disappointment with the start of the season, but he put the team first rather than his own desires.

“This year, I didn’t have a good start to the season. So I think I need to work on the things that don’t stand out more than the things that do. I’m going to try to do more bad things like defense and rebounding rather than scoring. It’s rewarding to know that I can fill in where the team is lacking.”


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