Who are unbeaten at the beginning of the season, added one more point to the draw and recorded four wins and two draws side by side, but their team ranking fell

Tottenham, which was in second place, finished fourth with four wins, two draws and 14 points, and Arsenal had the same point as Tottenham, but they fell behind in goal difference and finished fifth.
Son Heung-min’s true worth shone in the crisis. Son Heung-min, who boasted a perfect match with the new duo James Madison, opened James Madison’s cutback with a non-stop left-footed shot in the 42nd minute of the first half when he was dragged 0-1 by center back Christian Romero’s own goal in the North London Derby, considered the most intense and interesting derby in the EPL, to balance the game 1-1.

In the 9th minute of the second half, when the tight 1-1 match continued, Christian Romero again committed a handball foul during defense and gave Arsenal Bukayo Saka a penalty kick goal. It was Captain Son Heung-min who saved the vice-captain Romero, who made critical errors not once but twice.

Son Heung-min showed fantastic form to bring the game back to square one minute after conceding an additional goal to Arsenal. In the 10th minute of the second half, he received a pass from Madison, who intercepted the ball from Arsenal’s side, and shook Arsenal’s net again with an accurate shot, lifting Tottenham fans to heaven.
Maddison added two assists and tied for first place in the EPL assistance rankings with four assists this season, along with Wolverhampton’s Pedro Neto. Son Heung-min, who sparked the scoring with a Masugar and hat trick in the fourth round against Burnley on the 2nd, scored his third and fourth goals in the league in succession, jumping to second place in the EPL scoring rankings. Manchester City’s Erling Holan has eight goals in first place.

Son also scored his 199th career goal on the European stage, leaving him with only one goal left until his 200th. In addition, he continued his reputation as an “Arsanel Killer” by scoring his seventh goal (6 EPL goals, 1 cup goal) against Arsenal in a Tottenham uniform. Son Heung-min was replaced by Hishal Song in the 34th minute of the second half when the 2-2 balance continued.

Coach Andrze Postecoglou, who has been at the helm of Tottenham this season, sought to turn the tables until the 34th minute of the second half by excluding Son Heung-min and Madison, who led Tottenham’s attack, and putting in post players Hisalisson and Pierre-Emile Hoibier, but no more goals were scored.

European sports statistics site “Sofascore” gave Son Heung-min the highest rating of 8.7 points in both teams. In Arsenal, Bukayo Saka, who induced the first goal and scored a penalty goal, was the highest with 8.5 points. Bukayo Saka was also selected as a man of the match by the EPL Secretariat’s fan vote. Saka received 42.6 percent and Son Heung-min 39 percent. Sports statistical media “Foot Mob” also gave Son Heung-min the highest 8.8 points and selected him as “Man of the Match.”

After the match, EPL treated the analysis of the “North London Derby” game as the main news, saying, “The turbulent, lively and fun 2-2 draw between Arsenal and Tottenham preserved the unbeaten record of the two rivals, but coach Andrze Postecoglou, who has been courageous in the “Anje Ball,” will be happier between the two coaches.”

Postecoglou’s bold and aggressive football is a high-risk, high-return strategy that requires courage and confidence, and if players do not follow or cringe, the entire system collapses, but Tottenham did not in the game. Of course, “Captain” Son Heung-min was at the center of it, and even scored both goals on his own, taking the lead in Tottenham’s rise. This part is considered to be the part that showed more than two goals of influence.스포츠토토사이트

Postecoglou said in an interview, “This is the experience I’m ordering from the players, and it’s the type of experience I want us to grow into a team that helps us grow. Being in the shade doesn’t mean growing. I have to raise my head and look at the sun,” he said, expressing his intention to continue playing aggressive soccer without bending.

Postecoglou said, “I’m grateful to the players. I think we showed outstanding performance against the best team in a difficult stadium today. We had to try to be involved in the game, and I thought we showed all the elements of the game. When we had to defend, I thought we defended really well, played football and persisted even when we failed. It was all a great job, backed by a strong work ethic and outstanding personality,” he said.

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