“We tried to use a lot of Monroe passing,” says Jung, who beat Taiwan’s Fubon

Chung Kwan-jang opened the East Asian Super League (EASL) with a win over Taiwanese champions Buffon.

The team won its first 스포츠토토 EASL game against Buffon 98-77 on Friday at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium. After the game, head coach Kim Sang-sik said, “I was worried because we had a lot of changes in the squad. We lost the first game of the league (to SK), but we prepared a lot today. All of our domestic players played hard, scored, and worked hard, and I think that’s why we had a good result.”

Daryl Monroe also played a role in the game with 10 assists. Kim said, “I used Monroe on purpose. He’s a natural passer. So we tried to use him more. Maxwell also has good feeding ability. They both did a good job.”

When asked about juggling the EASL and the regular league, Kim said, “The EASL has six games. But if you put that into the 54 games, it’s 60 games. There’s not much time to rest. I think it’s also important to control your physical condition.”

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