Volleyball’s Oh Ji-young’s ‘Suspension of Qualifications’

“It’s Not True that it’s Bullying”… Volleyball’s Oh Ji-young’s ‘Suspension of Qualifications’ Announced, Legal Battle Expected

Oh Ji-young’s side “We will reveal the injustice”

Its Oh Ji-young (35), who was suspended for one year by the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO)

for continuously harassing two juniors and whose contract with Pepper Savings Bank,

her team, was terminated, predicted a legal battle. 카지노사이트킹

Oh Ji-young

On the 28th, Oh Ji-young’s legal representative, attorney Jeong Min-hoe of Eum Law Office, said

“Keeping the future retrial and litigation procedures in mind,

Ji-young Oh will calmly and carefully proceed with the process of revealing the injustice,

regardless of whether she retires or not” revealed.

On the 28th, lawyer Jeong Min-hoe revealed a number of social network service (SNS)

messages that Oh Ji-young shared with victims A and B, saying,

“The fact that the complainant (the victim) had a friendly conversation on SNS even during the period when she said she was being harassed does not support the complainant’s claims.”

“It’s not persuasive,” he argued.

Oh Ji-young’s side explained, “Oh Ji-young and A had a trustworthy relationship.

They were closer to sisters than to her senior or junior,” and added,

“Because she had a distant relationship with her junior, B, harassment itself does not constitute harassment.”

Oh Ji-young is known to have reprimanded non-starting players A and B in October of last year when they went out in violation of the internal rules on a day when the main players were playing a game and caused a car accident.

Oh Ji-young’s side said, “In October, we only warned junior players to scold them in order to promote unity among team members and prevent conflict,

and there is no fact that we harassed players or scolded junior players without any legitimate purpose or reason.”

“If it were to become an object of social and legal criticism,

the concept of seniority, leadership, and seniority in the workplace would no longer exist in Korean society,” he protested.


Attorney Jeong said, “Oh Ji-young confirmed the petitioner’s claim for the first time at the first compensation and punishment committee on the 23rd.

There was absolutely not enough time to prepare rebuttal materials and she did not get a sufficient opportunity to explain herself,”

and requested a retrial from the KOVO reward and punishment committee and filed other legal claims.

They said they are also preparing a response.

Meanwhile, on the 27th, KOVO held the second reward and punishment committee regarding Oh Ji-young’s harassment and verbal abuse of juniors in the team.

KOVO suspended Oh Ji-young for one year and said,

“We will impose sanctions to prevent similar acts from occurring.

Article 10, Paragraph 1, Item 4 of the Athletes’ Human Rights Protection Committee Regulations,

Article 10, Paragraph 1, Items 1 and 5 of the Reward and Punishment Regulations,

the relevant disciplinary action was imposed in accordance with Article 11,

Paragraphs 4 and 5 of the Standards for Imposition of Disciplinary and Sanctions (General),

Table 1 of the Reward and Punishment Regulations.”

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