Things that Change in the Golf World in the New Year

Starting from the new year, the PGA Tour has changed like this. The season system, which ran from September to August of the following year

was changed to a single year system. The 2024 PGA Tour begins with The Sentry, which opens on the 4th (local time), and ends with the PNC Championship

which ends on December 23. There are 39 regular competitions and 12 fall series.

The number of special competitions increased to 12. The total prize money for all special competitions exceeds $20 million (about 26.2 billion won).

Eight of the special competitions will be held without a ‘cut-off’. If you add the four major tournaments and The Players Championship 바카라사이트닷컴

there are a total of 17 tournaments with large prize money. The 2024 Paris Olympics, in which golf will be held as an official event

will be held for four days starting August 1. The Wyndham Championship and FedEx Cup Playoffs (PO), which have overlapping schedules

were pushed back a week compared to previous years. The Tour Championship, the final event of PO, ends on September 1.

The World Rankings Committee (OWGR) changed the men’s golf world ranking point method starting this year

 Excellent players receive more points than they currently do, and if their performance deteriorates

they receive fewer points or no points at all. Until last year, the winner of a competition with 80 or fewer players currently received 17-18% of the points awarded for the entire competition

but this year it is 21%. Instead, the bottom 15% of players do not receive any points at all.

If you win, you will receive plenty of points and your world ranking will rise significantly, but if you fall to last place

you will have to endure a drop in your world ranking. For example, only 20 people participated in the ‘special event’ Hero World Challenge held last month.

The ‘Emperor of Golf’ Tiger Woods (USA) only ranked 18th, but thanks to the great number of players participating

he received a lot of world ranking points and his ranking rose significantly.

However, if the changed rules apply this year, he will not receive any points.

In match play competitions, there are no points for early eliminations, such as in the first round or group stage.

However, the PGA Tour PO tournament and the DP World Tour Championship are exceptions.

In this competition, ranking points are awarded even if you come in last place. Players who win more than twice in 52 weeks receive additional points.

He gives 60% more if you win twice and 70% more if you win three times.

However, it was decided not to award world ranking points to the LIV golf tournament.

The Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) has begun expanding member benefits.

This is a system that provides subsidies when a member gives birth.

Through the revision of the Mutual Aid Association regulations, from the 1st, when a person gives birth

childbirth support of 1 million won for the first child, 3 million won for the second child, and 5 million won for the third child or more will be paid.

The KLPGA pays bonuses to players at the top of the regular tour money list who contribute highly to the association.

Players ranked up to 60th in the prize money rankings at the end of the season will be paid 0.5% (rounded to two decimal places) of the prize money earned in the season in the first week of April every year starting 10 years later.

It will be implemented from this year, and the first bonus payment will be in April 2035.

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