“There is only one average batter.”

The reason for the sluggish second half diagnosed by AVG.240 head coach

Hanwha Eagles coach Choi Won-ho cited the lack of experience of the batters as the reason for his slow pace in the second half. There was a lack of veteran players who could consistently hit average.

In the first half, Hanwha was in eighth place with a 34-40 (.459) deficit, close to a 50% winning rate. Hanwha sought a rebound in the second half, but rather followed up with 8 wins and 18 losses. Compared to the team’s ERA (3.88) in the first half, it was sluggish at 5.14 in the second half.

In particular, both the first half (.241) and the second half (.236) were at the bottom. Chae Eun-sung was reinforced by FA and Noh Si-hwan became a leading hitter with 30 home runs ahead, but the reason is that he failed to build a strong lineup.

Except for the two batters, there was a lack of batters who played steadily. Nick Williams, a new foreign hitter who was hired in June, is also not helping much. Even Chae Eun-sung is in a slump, reaching only .238 in the second half.

There are only five double-digit hits in 20 games in August. There will be none in the last five games until the 26th. The reason why he has lost five consecutive games despite having stable starters such as Peña, Sanchez, and Moon Dong-joo is not irrelevant to the silence of the batters.

Coach Choi Won-ho said about the sluggish batting lineup ahead of the Gwangju match against KIA on the 27th, “Hitters cannot ignore the experience. There were few experienced hitters who made average. As a result, it became longer when the batting cycle went down. Then, players who lack defense are included in hiring players who are likely to be hit better. “There was a result of collapsing in offense and defense,” he explained.

He added, “Airborne is an ability to cope with the moment. You have to react instinctively through numerous experiences. “Experienced hitters can’t do it, but they do it once when it’s important. If you have less experience, there is definitely a mistake in the response. There are many parts like this in our team. Arrange in the late 20s is only Chae Eun-sung. Noh Si-hwan is doing well, but it’s hard when Eun-sung and Si-hwan can’t be together,” he said, reflecting his regret.

It is encouraging that Roh Si-hwan has grown into a leading hitter in his fourth year this year. At the same time, it is clear that in order to build a strong batting line, it is necessary to create a second Noh Si-hwan. The growth of young hitters to carry the Hanwha lineup should follow. Specifically, Choi emphasized the steady hitting of Kim Tae-yeon, Lee Jin-young, Lee Do-yoon, Jung Eun-won, and Moon Hyun-bin.

On this day, Hanwha canceled Kim In-hwan and called up outfielder Euro-gyeol. Eurogyul started as the eighth center fielder.

Coach Choi said, “My batting condition has dropped too much. The frequency of use has also decreased. “I decided that I needed maintenance time, so I went down and asked for batting and defensive training,” he explained the background.

“Rogyeol is a friend who was selected as the top class of promising players in high school. “I hope you’ll do well with Lee Jin-young today,” he said. 토토사이트먹튀

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