The ‘Chopae King’ Who Accomplished the ‘Genji Dynasty’

The ‘Chopae King’ who accomplished the ‘Genji Dynasty’… 3 consecutive losses in the LCK

Gen.G Esports defeated T1 once again and won the 2023 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) Summer Split championship cup.


With this, Gen.G has accomplished the great feat of winning three consecutive seasons since the 2022 LCK Spring. 온라인카지노

Gen.G built a new dynasty by achieving the so-called ‘three-fit’ for the third time in LCK history,

following T1 (2015 Spring – 2016 Spring, 2019 Spring – 2020 Spring) and Dplus Kia (2020 Summer – 2021 Summer).

Genji Dynasty

As if announcing the beginning of the ‘Genji Dynasty’,

the results of the match were overwhelming.

It Gen.G defeated T1 with a set score of 3-0 in the final.

It was the opposite of the close match that went from the 3rd round of the playoffs held on the 12th to the 5th set.

Gen.G has played 4 consecutive finals with T1 since the spring of 2022, and won 3 consecutively,

excluding the 2022 spring, and established itself as a ‘T1 killer’.

Gen.G‘s mid laner Chovi (Jeong Ji-hoon) was selected as the MVP of the finals for the first time in his life for his dazzling performance that day.

First Set

The first set, he helped the team grow by influencing other lines through Taliyah, and in the second set,

he showed off his presence in teamfights by growing through Silas.

In particular, in the 3rd set, he brought out Xante and consistently put pressure on Faker.

the opponent’s mid laner, and led to a 3-0 victory by using a wonderful skill

to pass the opponent’s dealer in a moment of crisis.


Chovy, who achieved the first LCK championship in his debut in the 2022 summer season and solved the ‘unrelated grievance’,

even resolved the ‘Paem’s grievance’ this summer.

He was famous for his strong arms, but had no winnings,

led the construction of the ‘Zenji Dynasty’

by winning three consecutive victories last year and this year.

He has risen to the position of ‘the best mid laner in Korea’ both in name and reality, and has built a career worthy of the nickname ‘The King of Cho’.

Now Chovy’s eyes are on the international stage. He has two international competitions this year.


First of all, as a national representative of e-sports League of Legends,

he will participate in the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will be held in September.

Korea unfortunately gave away the gold medal to China in 2018.

From Chovy’s point of view, it is a stage of great importance as it was exempted from military service.

Also, Chovy will participate in the League of Legends World Championship (Roll Cup)

to be held in Seoul and Busan at the end of the year as the LCK’s No. 1 seed.

Gen.G also participated last year as the No. 1 seed,

but unfortunately did not make it to the final stage.

Chovy is also in a situation where he is more greedy because he has not yet won championships in the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and Worlds.

Fans are focusing their attention on whether he, who is showing peak form, will be able to shake off the ‘sorrow of no government’ on the international stage as well as on the domestic stage.

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