“I volunteered because I wanted to help foreigners visiting Korea. “Sung Ho-young (77, Pyeongchang), who volunteered at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, wanted to continue his volunteer work as a local guide at the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games in January next year .At the Pyeongchang Games, he volunteered to guide people who had difficulty understanding the situation in Korea at the Gyonggye bus stop in Pyeongchang-gun. “I’m old, but I applied because I wanted to work for my country one last time,” Sung said. “I remember buying bus tickets for foreigners at the Pyeong Chang Olympics, and I want to help foreigners visiting Korea in the same way this time.” “At that time, many foreigners had difficulty using their cards because they didn’t know the domestic system, so I felt sorry for them sitting in the waiting room.” “I needed time to adapt to Korea because I worked in a foreign country, but I learned and felt a lot while volunteering,” he reflected.

The volunteers who will help make the Gangwon 2024 Youth Olympic Games a success will be inducted next month and will be ready to start supporting the Games in earnest The organizing committee of the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games and the province of Gangwon will host a volunteer induction ceremony on March 4 at Olympia Hall, Olympic Parktel, Seoul, with Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo In-chon, Governor Kim Jin-tae of Gangwon Province, Kwon Hyuk-yeol, Chairman of the Gangwon Provincial Assembly, Lee Ki-hong, President of the Korea Sports Federation, Neung Ho Shin, Superintendent of Education of Gangwon Province, Yang Hee-gu, Chairman of Gangwon Provincial Athletic Association, and mayors and county governors .The ceremony will include the appointment of the head of the honorary volunteer corps, the oath of representative volunteers, and a unity performance .Unlike the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics five years ago, when the organizing committee and the province operated volunteers separately, this time they will be integrated for efficiency.

In the case of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, the organizing committee was in charge of the inside of the venues and the provinces were in charge of the outside of the venues, which exposed issues such as personnel management, treatment, and overlapping budgets. For the Winter Youth Olympic Games, volunteer management will be integrated by establishing a system of role division and cooperation between the organizing committee, Gangwon Province, and the host city. The organizing committee is in charge of establishing a comprehensive operation plan for volunteers and developing training programs, while the provinces are responsible for recruitment, selection and training operations, opening and closing ceremonies, job retention and aftercare.

Host cities will also collaborate to support volunteer recruitment, promote participation, and provide food, beverage, and travel expenses.The city recruited volunteers from April 17 to May 31, receiving 3,503 applications, and 2,105 volunteers were selected through interviews in nine regions of the city from August 5 to September 3.After receiving job assignments and on-the-job training, the volunteers will work for 18 days from Jan. 16 to Feb. 2 next year, guiding athletes, serving as interpreters and guiding venues.”Volunteers are the ambassadors of the Youth Olympic Winter Games,” said a provincial official. “They not only support athletes during the Games and perform activities in specialized fields such as medicine and electricity, but also welcome 슬롯게이밍 visitors with kindness, such as guiding them through the Games and local areas.

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