Son Heung-min Reunites with Former Mentor After 4 Years

Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) attempts to score his 9th goal of the season against Chelsea, led by ‘old teacher’ Mauricio Pochettino (51).

Tottenham will face Chelsea in the 11th round home game of the Premier League (EPL) held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, at 5 a.m. on the 7th (Korean time).  카지노사이트랭크

This game has a special meaning for Son Heung-min. 

This is because he is reunited on the EPL stage after four years with coach Pochettino, who recognized his talent and guided him.

Coach Pochettino scouted Son Heung-min, who was playing for Leverkusen (Germany), in August 2015 when he was manager of Tottenham. 

Son Heung-min grew into a world-class striker with the full trust of coach Pochettino at the time. 

Under the guidance of coach Pochettino, Son Heung-min finished runner-up in the EPL in the 2016-17 season and runner-up in the European Champions League in the 2018-19 season. 

However, Tottenham went into decline after that, and coach Pochettino stepped down in November 2019 due to poor performance. 

Afterwards, coach Pochettino, who made a comeback at Paris Saint-Germain (France, 2021-22), returned to the EPL as coach of Chelsea ahead of this season. 

Tottenham and Chelsea are also rival teams based in London. 

This is his first league match with his student Son Heung-min.

The situation faced by Son Heung-min and coach Pochettino is almost the exact opposite. 

Tottenham is leading the league with undefeated (8 wins, 2 draws) in the opening 10 games. 

Son Heung-min, who changed his position from a winger to a striker this season, is leading the team’s attack by scoring 8 goals (second in league scoring). 

He has been on the rise with goals in three consecutive games recently. 

In a twist of fate, Son Heung-min must beat his old mentor to keep Tottenham’s lead and score his ninth goal.

Chelsea (3 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses), led by coach Pochettino, is in the worst slump. 

Chelsea manager Pochettino, who is currently in 11th place, is desperate for a win. 

At a press conference on the 3rd, coach Pochettino joked, “I’m not a central defender” when asked, “How will you stop Son Heung-min?

However, he said, “Son Heung-min is a fantastic player and is considered the best player in the EPL. 

But I hope Son Heung-min doesn’t score a goal in this match,” he said, expressing his will to win.

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