Shin Sang-hoon, despite the sudden cold wave, under par for two consecutive days..a one-shot lead

Shin Sang-hoon shot a 2-under 69 with four birdies and two bogeys in the second day of the tournament at the Seowon Valley Country Club (par 71) in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, on the 10th, ahead of Choi Min-chul, who is in second place, with a 6-under 136 overall.

Shin Sang-hoon, who won the KPGA Championship last year, made two bogeys until the fifth hole, but made three consecutive birdies on the 8th to 10th holes, then birdied the 18th hole (par 4), marking a moving day with a one-shot lead.

After the game, Shin Sang-hoon said, “I came out with three tops and two bottoms overlapped due to the sudden cold,” adding, “It was difficult to control the distance of the shot at the beginning of the game because the weather was cold.” I tried hard to make up for the two bogeys that came out early in the game and got a good result. In the first and second rounds, I scored all the 3-5m birdie putts,” he said.

Ham Jung-woo, who is challenging for the Genesis Grand Prize, reduced one stroke with three birdies and two bogeys to tie for third place with Jeong Han-mil, Kim Woo-hyun and Jeon Sung-hyun with an interim total of 4-under 138. Ham Jung-woo, who failed to finish three holes due to heavy rain the previous day, added one birdie in the rest of the game and continued under par in the second round. Ham Jung-woo will be the winner of the Jaysys Grand Prize if he only wins the third place or higher in this competition.

Hwang In-chun, who is 49 years old and the oldest among the players, caught a hole-in-one on the 13th hole (par 3) and received an Audi Q4 e-tron as an injury. Hwang In-chun, who made a hole-in-one for the first time in an official game, said, “I saw about 180m in the wind ahead and hit lightly with a 4-iron. The ball flew beautifully, fell on the green in front of the pin, rolled, and disappeared. I knew it was a hole-in-one because I heard the caddie go in,” he said. Hwang In-chun tied for 14th with an interim total of 1-under 141.


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