Rubiales was accused of “crossing the line”

Spanish prosecutors have asked for a two-year, six-month prison sentence for former Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales in the “Kissgate” scandal that garnered worldwide publicity.

Rubiales was accused of “crossing the line” by grabbing Jenny Hermoso’s head with both hands and kissing her against her will during a live broadcast of Spain’s victory ceremony at the Women’s World Cup in Australia-New Zealand last year, sparking outrage from soccer fans around the world.

Spanish prosecutors on Monday (Aug. 28) asked for two and a half years in prison for Rubiales in connection with the infamous “kissing scandal” and demanded that he pay Jenny Hermoso €100,000 in compensation if found guilty at trial. “We seek a one-year prison sentence for sexual assault for making unwanted sexual advances to Hermoso, a member of the Women’s World Cup winning team last summer, and a separate one-year and six-month prison sentence for ‘coercion’ for forcing Hermoso to make statements in his defense,” 카지노사이트 Spanish prosecutors said in a six-page indictment.

Madrid court judge Francisco de Jorge

Who recommended Rubiales be jailed earlier this year, said that “after a lengthy investigation, I found solid evidence of the potential illegality of the kiss.” After questioning the former soccer manager and the alleged victim in a closed session at the Audiencia Court in central Spain, Judge De Jorge noted that “the investigation has revealed clear evidence that the kiss given by Mr. Rubiales to Ejeni Hermoso was not consensual, but was a unilateral and sudden act.” “Whether it was without erotic intent or the result of a state of euphoria and excitement as a result of an extraordinary sporting victory is a matter that will be considered in open court,” he said. The court concluded that Hermoso was ‘confused, surprised and had no time to react’ to the unexpected act of Rubiales grabbing Hermoso’s head with both hands and kissing him in front of millions of television viewers at the World Cup victory ceremony last August.”

In addition, “Jorge Bilda, former head coach of the Spanish women’s national soccer team, Alberto Luque, head coach of the men’s national soccer team, and Ruben Rivera, former marketing director of the Spanish Football Federation, should all stand trial.”

“There is sufficient evidence to proceed with formal charges against all three of them,”

Judge Jorge wrote in his ruling, “for their role in the explosion of the controversy surrounding the behavior of former president Rubiales, the agreement with him, and the move to break Hermoso’s will and get her to agree to be filmed saying that the kiss was consensual.”

“The investigation also found that former president Rubiales pressured Hermoso to publicly defend herself on the flight back to Sydney after the Spanish women’s soccer team’s final victory over England in August last year, and that coach Bilda asked Hermoso’s brother to convince her to film a video showing that the kiss was consensual,” the court said.

“The investigation also uncovered evidence that Bilda told Hermoso’s brother that there would be negative consequences if he did not cooperate in filming the video,” it added.

“Director Rivera also returned to Spain and again urged Hermoso to film a video defending the president, and when she continued to refuse, Director Luque showed up unannounced at Hermoso’s hotel and continued to pressure her to film the video, 토토사이트 추천 causing her to face a situation of extreme anxiety and stress,” the prosecutor explained. Prosecutors are also seeking a maximum sentence of one year and six months in prison for the three men for causing secondary harm by forcing Hermoso to make false statements.

Hermoso, who now plays for Mexican team Tigres, sued Rubiales last September, and Judge de Jorge issued a 200-meter restraining order after questioning Rubiales a week after the complaint was filed.

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