Religious leaders sign joint letter against Sudbury casino

Disagreement over the Sudbury casino planned for Kingsway continues in the city with a new letter from local religious leaders released . It was signed by more than 50 representatives of a religious group opposing a gambling center planned for the so-called Kingsway Entertainment District.

Leaders of religious groups, including Rev. Anne Jermond, Anglican Church of Canada, Diocese of Algoma, Archbishop Marcel Dammhus, Bishop of St. Mary’s Catholic Diocese, Rev. Marie Buklyn Bishop, Canadian Catholic Priests and the Humoud Mohammad Imam Islamic Society, issued new religious letters Sunday night.

In their letter, church representatives cite
a report from the Wellesley Institute. Poor people are more likely to use a larger portion of their household income for gambling. A study examining the health effects of casino expansion in Ontario also found that older people are at higher risk of becoming gambling addicts and becoming pathological gamblers. The proposed casino location in Kingsway is within a few kilometres of subsidized homes and is quite close to Finnish village seniors.

Urging the city council to stop relocating Gateway casinos, religious leaders remind the public that gambling is “against ethical norms and traditions in the local religious community.” Their letter will review applications for zoning of casino projects by Sudbury’s planning committee at public hearings on Monday and Wednesday. If the zoning application is approved, it will be the first step in creating a complex casino arena that will begin with a $100 million casino.

The proposed casino will be developed by Gateway Casino and Entertainment on a 6.96 hectare site north of Kingsway. The Canadian gambling company plans to replace its 18-year-old slot stadium in Sudbury Downs with a large casino complex to be built in the upcoming Kingsway Entertainment district. The casino is part of a large urban redevelopment that includes a new art gallery and library, a new theater and a performance center.

Gateway has already announced it will invest CA$60 million in casino properties. It will be home to OLG (Ontario Lottery and Game Company)’s existing 407 slots, but it will expand its offering to more machines. Official data showed 400,000 people visited the Slot venue in fiscal 2016-2017, during which the city received $2 million in revenue generated from the venue, and $8 million in salary was paid to employees in 141 GOL slots.

The Ontario Lottery and Game Company generated approximately $4.1 billion in economic activity over the past year, with $2.2 billion spent on hospital and other regional priority funds. It says some of the money was used to treat troubled gamblers, while other funds were used for other charities across the state. 바카라

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