Protective horse racing sports betting measures have been taken

There is tremendous news for Canada’s horse racing industry and riders. This Thursday, the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights made changes to a bill for civilian members aimed at legalizing single-event bets in the country. The proposal to exclude the live harness segment from the proposed changes was unanimously passed by the Commission. Fixed odds bets are not available for the sector.

The bill, known as single event betting or legally private member Bill C-218 was proposed not long ago by Rep. Kevin Warr. The proposed change in gaming laws has accumulated major support, with both game regulators and fans in the industry eager to witness it becoming a reality.

The horse racing industry was also in favor of the change, but industry leaders made it clear that committee members should be aware of the possible consequences of the change for the live harness racing sector. But the latest news breathed a sigh of relief into the fans” favourite harness industry, with leaders delighted with the change.

Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson quickly provided feedback on proposed changes to the bill. According to him, this is good news for horse racing sports and the tens of thousands of jobs it provides and supports by the state. He also thanked the standing committee for listening to the industry’s position and recognizing the need for protective measures.

Hall of Fame jockey Sandy Hawley and industry representatives from the Central Ontario Standard Bread Association, Ontario Horseman Charity Protection Association, Canadian racetracks, Quebec jockey clubs and woodbine entertainment were witnesses to a standing committee hearing to evaluate proposed single event betting legalization legislation. The bill is subject to a third reading in the House of Representatives and, if approved, is sent to the Senate for further valuations.

In conclusion, Mr Lawson said the industry would continue to monitor the progress of the legislation through legal agencies, and industry representatives would actively work to ensure that all necessary protective measures are properly implemented. And legalization of these sports betting services would increase the industry’s competitiveness in the gambling sector, which would require the industry to find additional sources of income to ensure welfare. 릴게임

an open statement
In a previous announcement from Woodbine Entertainment, Mr Lawson addressed the current live harness landscape and conditions during lockdown restrictions due to the outbreak of an unprecedented situation. The CEO has clarified some of the prerequisites that all local and travelling riders must comply with to enter the upcoming competition.

Historic Horse Racing Request
Along with defending the safe future of the horse racing sector ahead of the Bill C-218 vote, Canada’s horse racing president Bill Ford made a proposal to help the industry overcome financial difficulties. Ford proposed the return of historic horse racing, in which players can bet on previous races but do not know any information about the games.

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