Nexon Mabinogi reveals new mainstream ‘Winds of Destiny’ in online showcase

A new story unfolds in Nexon’s ‘Mabinogi’ after three years.

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 4th that it held an online showcase “Winter Camp” for its online game “Mabinogi” on the 1st and released the winter update.

The showcase, which was broadcast live on the official website and YouTube, was hosted by caster Seong Seung-heon, and Nexon Director Min Kyung-hoon and Content Leader Choi Dong-min, who oversee the development of “Mabinogi,” appeared to announce the winter update, and developers from various positions such as development, art, and planning also appeared to share the story behind the development of the winter update.

The event also featured a variety of programs, including a viewer quiz show, an emotional OST performance by the four-member indie band Jacoband, and merchandise introductions.

First, during the update announcement, we introduced the new mainstream “G26 Wind of Destiny,” which is the centerpiece of this winter’s update with the keywords of story, god, and destiny. “G26 Winds of Destiny,” which will be updated on December 14, is the first mainstay in “Mabinogi” in three years and will open the first chapter of Chapter 8, with a strong focus on narrative and, for the first time in a new mainstay, full voice acting to provide even greater immersion. The story follows the journey of Aine, Chefra, and Decloon, a group of mercenaries who set out to investigate the world of Erin, which has fallen into crisis due to an attack by the prehistoric beings known as Divine Beasts, and their fierce battle against the powerful Divine Beast, Pua, in the form of a swan. In addition, a new dungeon, “Parmesan Ruins,” will be added in December. It’s a time attack dungeon with a total of 30 stages, where players must complete missions within a time limit and exchange various rewards for the stars they collect.

In January, we’ll be updating the new living content, Moonlight Island. It boasts a larger scale than Dunbarton, and allows players to enjoy an authentic fantasy life with more freedom to customize, craft items, and interact with NPCs. In addition, we’ve revamped the UI of “Romantic Farm,” added “Erin’s Essence” as a dropable item for “Erin’s Regular” duplicate titles, improved the visibility of “Enchantments,” and added voice-activated features to create a more pleasant experience.

In particular, the showcase highlighted the opening of the Mabinogi Eternity website, a project to replace the engine announced in June, as well as the unveiling of the Tir Coneil landscape, which is currently under development. Mabinogi will have its own page on the official website in December to showcase its development status.

The showcase concluded with surprise coupons for items such as the “Romantic Farm Tranquility Large Planter Set” and “Spirit Stone with Mysterious Energy (300%),” as well as news of brick toys featuring key NPCs and “Wadiz” funding merchandise.

Meanwhile, Nexon is holding a pre-registration event for the winter update of “Mabinogi” until December 12. All participants will receive a gift box containing a “Color Splash 2nd Title Acquisition Coupon,” “Coloring Sheep Whistle (Pet),” “Rainbow Paint Brush,” and more, and 5,000 users who pre-register and log in at least once between December 14 and 27 will receive a coupon for 10,000 Nexon Cash.

For more information on the “Mabinogi” online showcase “Winter Camp” and the new mainstream “G26 Winds of Destiny,” please visit the official website.


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