ML ‘hot potato’ pitch clock coming to Korea…first team next year

Professional baseball, that’s 42. Celebrating his life’s anniversary predicted a catastrophe. After the American Major League (MLB), which puts her life and death on a shorter playing time, it is decided to introduce a pitch clock from next year and revive the game. We’ve decided to limit extreme defensive shifts.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has the 20th. Day announced she wants to introduce a pitch watch system for the KBO league starting next year. The plan is to officially apply it to the Futures League (2nd team) from the opening of the 2024 season and give it time to adjust to the first team stage as a test operation. A KBO official said, “We will not impose any penalties during the probationary period for the injury of the pitch watch.”

The literal translation of the sound clock is the sound clock. The concept is simple. Install a small electronic display where the pitch and the hitter can see it. Pitching must take place within the time shown on the electronic display. According to current MLB rules, the time limit is 15 seconds if there are no runners, and 20 seconds if there are runners. If a ball gets hurt, it’ll be a ball.

Check ball or foot release is limited to two per bat. However, if the batter is not ready to meet eight seconds before the deadline, he gets a strike.

Although there were some complaints, the original goal of the game’s continuation was definitely achieved. In the MLB that introduced the clock this season, the game time was shortened by almost a sixth. According to CBS in the United States, this year’s average game time was 2 hours and 39 minutes, almost 30 minutes shorter than last year.

In a situation where there’s no runner, the pressure of the pitch clock the domestic pitchers feel can’t be great. SPOTV commentator Jeong Min-tae pointed out that there is no 12-second rule. The rule that players have to play in 12 seconds if there are no runners has come into effect in 2010.

The key is when the runners are on the floor. Besides winning against batters and controlling runners, you need to watch out for the time limit. In addition, there is a day when the number of controls is limited, as MLB does by detailed regulations, significantly fewer weapons to suppress the active movement of runners.

This is a change that moves the baseball trend beyond simple riding. The value of on-base is rising and the use of fast runners is inevitable. Conversely, players with unbeatable fast slide moves like Park Myeong-keun of the LG Twins and catcher with ‘post-Korean’ shoulders like Lotte Giants Son Seong-bin can benefit from it.

The KBO also decided to discuss a plan to limit defensive moves. This was also first implemented in the United States. The surface reason is extreme shifts, like… The use of a “second field” to catch a left-handed shot that damages the original purity of baseball. The key is to revive the momentum and speed in professional baseball. The elimination of the elimination and revival of the extended game announced on the same day will be read in the same context.

The manager of the national team returned to full-time positions. It is a measure to respond to the growing demand for competition improvement after the slow performance of international competitions such as the World Baseball Classic (WBC. It also promotes plans like sending KBO League Prospects to the MLB Education League.

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