Medal Expectations (24) Handball Kim Min-seo

Watching Kim Min-seo (20-Samcheok City Hall), one of the biggest prospects to emerge in Korean women’s handball in a long time, is reminiscent of Lionel Messi (Inter Miami), one of the greatest players in men’s soccer history. Like Messi, who is very short for a soccer player, Kim Min-seo, who is only 160 centimeters tall, defies the laws of gravity with his goblet steps and dribbles to weave through players who are at least a foot taller than him. He can shoot as well as pass, making him even harder to stop. It’s hard to stop him because if you stick to him, you’re worried he’ll pass to another attacker, and if you move away from him and cut off his passing path, you’re worried about conceding a goal. Kim has good vision to read his teammates and opponents, and when he gets the ball, he is more often than not a threat. Unrivaled among center backs of his age in Korea, Kim Min-seo rose to prominence at Hwangji Information Industry High School, where he led the team to a national high school championship and runner-up finish. Then, in September of last year, she showed that she had what it takes to make it on the world stage by making a real ‘splash’ at the World Women’s Youth (U-18) Handball Championship. South Korea became the first non-European country to win the tournament. Kim was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) after finishing second in both goals and assists. In the final against Denmark, she was responsible for a team-high nine goals. Min-seo has continued her perfect record as an adult. He joined Samcheok City Hall with a lower-than-expected seventh overall pick due to his small stature, but he had a perfect season, winning both MVP and Rookie of the Year honors and helping the team win the SK Korea League title for the second consecutive year. Kim also earned a spot on the senior national team, coached by Henrik Signell (Sweden). He also played a key role in the Asian Qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in Hiroshima, Japan, last month, helping South Korea qualify for its 11th consecutive Games. At the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, which kick off on June 23, Kim will be looking to win a third consecutive title as part of the Korean team. Despite his meteoric rise, Kim is far from tired. Born in Taebaek, Gangwon Province, to a civil servant father and a mother who works for the KEPCO, he is described by his coaches as a hardworking athlete. In high school, he was a “self-starter,” spending at least an hour a day on individual training in addition to team training, but his optimistic personality never let him fall into a slump. “He has the potential to reach the European stage, but he needs to be more publicized,” said Lee Chun-sam, vice president of the Korean Handball Association, who coached Kim while he was head coach at Hwangji Information Industry High School. “The Asian Games will be an important 카지노사이트킹 stage for him.”

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