Macau legislators can open new casinos in Coloan as long as they comply with all regulations

Macau’s six largest casino operators will soon be able to turn their focus to Coloan to develop new casinos in the region. Game operators have been focusing on the development of casinos in the Kotai area for the past few years, with Wynn Resorts opening Wynn Palace in August, Las Vegas Sands Corp. opening Macau in Paris in September and MGM Resorts opening MGM Kotai Casino Resorts.

The Coloane region is a semi – rural area located at the southern end of the SAR, sometimes called the ‘Green Lung’ of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR). Cotai itself is a “CoTai” as it is a reclaimed land in a shallow bay between Coloane and Taipa.

13 Holdings Ltd., listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and formerly known as Louis XIII Holdings, is in the process of developing The 13 Hotel along the Kotai-Coloan border. Recent comments from the company show no indication of the casino, but the company has indicated in the past that it plans to open a casino in the building. Stephen Hung, co-chairman of The 13 Holdings Limited (577.HK), is also vice chairman of the Rio Entertainment Group, which operates Rio Hotel & Casino in Macau, S.A. Galaxy Casino.

Minister of Economy and Finance of Macau Lionel Long Vai Tac recently addressed the Legislative Council during a debate on the Macau government’s policy speech in 2017, and said the city would consider public opinion about allowing casino operations in Coloan. Long Vai Tac said that six major casino operators in Macau have been allowed to apply for casino licenses in Coloan, and that the city department of Macau’s Bureau of Land Works and Transportation will make a decision on whether the proposed casino matches or opposes the government’s plan to develop the Coloan area.

Only after the Bureau of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has made a decision on the casino proposal will it be sent to the government for a final decision. Leung did not confirm which of the six casino operators were interested in developing casinos in Colon, but said they were all eligible as long as their proposals complied with all existing regulations. 13 The hotel has so far not given any indication of the casino opening, but the company can still ask the Macau government for permission to open the casino.

Macau’s Game Inspection Coordination Bureau confirmed, “So far, we have yet to receive a request from any of the game operators to open a new casino at the Hotel The 13 location.”

13 The hotel’s developer said the hotel’s opening would be postponed until next time, but did not say why.


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