‘Lucky Offside’ Professional Soccer K League 2 Bucheon, Seongnam 2-2 Draw

‘Lucky offside’ Professional soccer K League 2 Bucheon, Seongnam 2-2 draw

Lupeta shook the net twice in the second half… All judged offside

Gyeongnam draws 1-1 against Cheonan


Professional soccer K League 2 Bucheon FC shook the net at the end of the game,

but was judged offside twice and ended in a draw against Seongnam FC.

Bucheon drew 2-2 with Seongnam FC in the Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 round 27 away game

held at Tancheon Sports Complex in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do on the 21st. 카지노사이트

With 11 wins, 6 draws and 8 losses, Bucheon (39 points, 6th place) has to postpone its rise to the top.

Seongnam (7 wins, 9 draws, 9 losses, 30 points),

which added 1 point alongside Bucheon, stayed in 9th place.

First Half

In the 37th minute of the first half, Seongnam scored the first goal with a non-stop shot by Chris,

who jumped into the penalty kick from Lee Jong-ho,

who caught the opponent’s pass mistake.

In Bucheon, which was being dragged away, striker Ahn Jae-joon,

who was named in the Hangzhou Asian Games national team,

stepped up to solve the problem.

A counterattack situation, Rupeta’s cross,

which ran down the right side,

was pushed into the net by Ahn Jae-jun with his foot.

With this goal, Ahn Jae-joon tasted a goal in about three months after the match against Gimpo FC on May 29th.

Seongnam then ran away again through a set piece.

A cross from a corner kick was crossed by defender Cho Seong-wook,

who scored the final goal with a high-run header.

In the 34th minute of the second half,

Bucheon also had a chance to score,

but luck did not follow.

Jung Hee-woong’s right-footed shot from inside the penalty box led to Lupeta in front of the goal.

It seemed that Lupeta pushed it calmly to tie the score,

but the score was canceled as a result of the video review (VAR)

judged that he was slightly ahead of the defense.

The game, where Bucheon’s defeat was deepening,

was turned around with Lee Eui-hyung’s goal.

In the second half of extra time, Eui-hyung Lee’s left-footed shot

from the left side of the penalty box was sucked into the goal, saving the team from defeat.

Bucheon, who gained momentum, seemed to be taking a dramatic victory as Lupeta shook the net

with a header from a free kick right before the end of the game.

However, this time, it was judged offside at the end of VAR,

so the reverse electrode could not be used.


Gyeongnam FC also achieved a difficult 1-1 draw with Cheonan City FC, the ‘lowest place’ at home.

As Gyeongnam (11 wins, 9 draws, 5 losses, 40 goals), which added 1 point,

beat Gimpo (25 goals, 42 points or more) in the number of points and rose to third place.

Cheonan (1 win, 6 draws, 18 losses, 9 points) escaped 3 consecutive losses,

but could not achieve the 2nd win of the season

they were hoping for because they could not keep the first score.

In the 40th minute of Cheonan’s corner kick,

Lee Kwang-jun showed his concentration and opened the opponent’s goal first.

The header was blocked by the goalkeeper, but Lee Kwang-jun, who did not give up and ran into the goal,

pushed it again and reported the first goal of the season.

Gyeongnam turned the game around with a clean counterattack in the 25th minute of the second half.

Gleyson of Gyeongnam, who seized the ball near the half line through intense pressure,

ran down the right side and delivered a sharp cross to the goal.

Park Min-seo calmly kicked it with her right foot to make the score 1-1.

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