Kiwoom Heroes announced the roster of players

A potential starting catcher, why isn’t he in the first team camp?

The Kiwoom Heroes announced the roster of players who will participate in the first spring training camp in Arizona, USA, on the 25th. There are nine members of the coaching staff, including head coach Hong Won-ki, and 24 players.

However, the roster is missing several key players. The first is the absence of second-year catcher Kim Dong-heon. Ki gave Kim a lot of opportunities last season as a high school rookie and virtually projected him as the starting catcher of the future. 바카라사이트 They didn’t even sign veteran Lee Ji-young as a free agent this winter. They had faith in Kim.

So what’s going on, you might ask, if he can’t make it to camp?

Not much. Kiwoom had a solid concept for the US camp. With a short stay in the U.S. of about two weeks, the roster was based on players that Hong wanted to try out and check out, aside from the established starters who needed to shrink the roster size and improve their condition. So, in the outfield, two prospects, Park Soo-jong and Joo Sung-won, took up two of the six spots.

In the case of Kim Dong-heon, we took into account that he is young and played a lot of games last season. It is better for him to recover in Korea, improve his physical condition, and prepare for the second camp in Taiwan. This means that he has already proven his skills. The same goes for pitcher Jang Jae-young. 토토사이트 Jang was supposed to be one of the pillars of Kiwoom’s starting rotation, but he was dropped from the roster because he needed to adjust his pace rather than traveling back and forth to the United States.

Veteran infielder Lee Won-seok will not be traveling to the United States due to a knee injury. Pitcher Won Jong-hyun, who underwent elbow surgery last summer, is not yet ready for camp.

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