If everything goes according to schedule, casino representatives believe it will take a year for each phase to be completed.

Keith Andrews, senior vice president and executive director of Gateway in Ontario, revealed more details about the casino project at the fairground. The resort has casinos and several other non-gambling facilities. The first phase of the project involves the construction of casino floors, luxury restaurants and bars. The 125-room hotel’s construction was announced as part of the second step toward creating 700 opening opportunities for the new casino complex.

The meeting was attended by architects and all city officials except Rep. Josh Morgan. Officials at the gateway answered all questions related to the project. Member for Harold Usher was the first to raise the question. Representatives at the gateway explained that the entertainment complex and parking lot would spread over 12 acres of land, but Andrew explained that there was no exact information on the number of parking lots.

Jessie Helmer, a lawyer for Ward 4, raised a very important issue, which has become a major concern in any country where the gambling industry is regulated. Casino officials explained that Gateway has developed a responsible gambling strategy. Mr Andrews explained that casino operators are fully committed to protecting players and providing them with the best gambling experience. He also added that it invests heavily in training casino employees because it is a key element of the company’s responsible gambling campaign.

Gateway controls northern and southwestern game bundles
The casino operator has been appointed by the Ontario Lottery and Game Company (OLG) to take over the day-to-day operations of the North and South game bundles. OLG recently officially announced its decision to privatize gambling houses and leave them in the hands of private operators.

The move came after OLG realized that the local gambling industry needed to modernize to generate more revenue to support the local economy. What’s important here is that we’ve had fiscal deficits for years and new sources of funding are important.


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