Guglielmo Vicario wants to be part of Tottenham’s history

Guglielmo Vicario wants to be part of Tottenham’s history.

In an interview with soccer publication FourFourTwo on Wednesday, the Spaniard spoke about his ambition to save the club from irrelevance.

Tottenham’s last title was 16 years ago. In February 2008, Spurs reached the final of the Carling Cup (now the Carabao Cup). Spurs won the title in a fateful final against Chelsea, winning 2-1 thanks to goals from Dimitar Berbatov and Jonathan Woodcock. 안전놀이터 Since winning the Carling Cup, Tottenham have not been able to celebrate on the podium.

Vicario, who joined Spurs for the 2023-2024 season, was aware of the history of irrelevance, “Of course, as everyone knows, we haven’t won for a long time,” he admits. But he didn’t come to Tottenham as an ‘uninterested’ player. He joined to help Spurs reach the top.

“We have to work and fight for trophies,” he says, “because if we win a trophy now, it will be in the history of the club forever. Maybe in 30 years’ time there will be a picture of us holding the trophy on the wall. You have to keep that thought in your mind. It’s dreaming big that makes dreams come true,” he said, adding that he is determined to bring the trophy to Tottenham.

Ricardo doesn”t plan to just dream.

He promised his fans that he will work hard to make it happen. “We can’t just dream,” he said. We have to train hard, we have to give 100% on the field, and we have to try to follow the coach’s methods as we have done so far. I know that if we are focused, 메이저사이트 we will have many chances to win games,” he said, adding that the team must work together every day.

Vicario has been a successful replacement for Hugo Llorente at Spurs. He has been one of the best signings in the Premier League this season. Vicario continues to impress fans by saying that he would have bled to get to Spurs. He has become a favorite of Spurs fans.

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