GAS Corporation to host ‘Top Hospital Brand Day’ on the 26th

KOGAS to Host Brand Day for Choi Eum Hospital

The Daegu KOGAS Pegasus Professional Basketball Team will host the ‘Eumaeum Hospital (Dr. Lee Sung-man) Brand Day’ 토토사이트 순위 at its last home game of the season on March 26th.

Eumhwa Hospital is the largest and best sports rehabilitation specialty hospital in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region. With specialized medical staff and rich clinical experience in the fields of shoulder, knee, and spine, it has been responsible for the health of the players as the official designated hospital of the Daegu KOGAS Pegasus Professional Basketball Team for three consecutive years.

For the brand day, the hospital will provide special T-shirts to the first 200 spectators on the 26th as a social media event, and will provide fans with prizes worth about 10 million won, including jerseys and home appliances, through various events such as quarters and halftimes. In addition, the players will wear special t-shirts of Choi Myung Hospital during pre-game warm-ups and on the bench to unite with the crowd.

“We expect the brand day to be a meaningful time to share the last home game with the KOGAS Pegasus Pro Basketball Team and Daegu fans, and we will continue to support the players to perform at their best,” said Lee Sung-man, president of the hospital.

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