‘Dominating under the basket’ Ha Yun-Ki – Bass “Second-half focus was the difference”

The second half made up for the first. Ha Yun-ki and Paris Bass combined for 53 points as Suwon KT won their third straight game, with the latter’s late-game performance highlighting the night.

KT defeated the Goyang Sono 92-89 in their 2023-24 regular season away game at the Goyang Sono Arena on Friday. With the win, KT extended its winning streak to three games and improved to 25 wins (13 losses) on the season. The gap with the first-place Wonju DB narrowed to 4.5 games.

Looking at the game, the first and second halves were very different.

In the beginning, Bass and Ha Yoon-ki seemed to take a slight lead with their high-low play, but they were unable to extend the lead much due to poor three-point shooting and free throws. Meanwhile, Sono made a quick run with a three-pointer to take the lead. KT faced a double whammy as Moon Sung-gon and Han Hee-won accumulated personal fouls early on.

But the second half was a different story, especially the third quarter, which was Bass’ “showtime”. After scoring just six points in the first half, he exploded for 14 points in the third quarter alone, including two three-pointers. He shot 100% from the field. He was responsible for more than half of his team’s points (27) in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, KT didn’t stop attacking the basket. Especially after SONO’s big man Kim Min-wook picked up his fifth foul and was ejected, Bass and Ha Yoon-ki took to the wings. Both Bass and Ha Yoon-ki actively participated in the offense, and KT eventually sealed their third straight win.

On the day, Bass finished with 28 points, eight rebounds, and four assists in 33 minutes and eight seconds, while Ha Yoon-ki played all 40 minutes and finished with 25 points and eight rebounds. The two players were named Player of the Game.

“We had a lot of turnovers in the first half, and we didn’t play the offense and defense that we had prepared, so we were in a bad mood,” Ha Yoon-ki said after the game, “but after the inspection, we raised the mood and focused on the second half, which was the key to the victory. “It was a good win, so it’s hard not to feel good,” said Bass.

When asked by the press about the difference in performance between the first and second halves, Ha Yoon-ki said, “He pointed out some silly misses and rebounds. He talked to me again before I went out on the court, so I got a good result.”

However, Coach Song Young-jin said after the game, “I think the team 토토사이트 was not physically and mentally fit. Athletes have to be athletes. You have to do your best on the court. I think there were some things that we didn’t do today,” he said.

When asked by reporters about Song’s comments, Bass responded, “You’re human and it can be tough when you play. But we have a team. Even if we don’t play well, we can encourage each other and play well again.”

The question of “physical strain” came up for both players, who played a lot of minutes on the day. Ha Yoon-ki, who played full-time, said, “I don’t mind playing in matches because I lower my training intensity a little bit.” Bass said, “I have to take care of myself a little more for the sake of the team. I don’t have a problem with my fitness. Sometimes I can look tired on the field, but it’s just a facade. I just need to take better care of myself,” he explained.

Finally, Bass was asked about his nickname. Bass has been labeled an “ecological disruptor” because of his last name. “I’m familiar with it,” he said, “I’m familiar with it. I’m happy with it. I’m enjoying playing basketball in Korea. My goal is to eventually win a championship with KT.”


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