Chinese authorities have vowed to crack down on cyber “identity theft” targeting athletes and officials during next month’s Hangzhou Asian Games and the spread of rumors about government policies.According to the CPC Central Internet Safety and Information Society Commission on Monday, the commission, along with the party’s Central Propaganda Department and the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, will conduct an “Asian Games and Para Asian Games Internet Environment Cleanup Action” from Oct. 28 to Oct. 29.The committee specified that “organizing identity theft and intentionally leaking personal information of athletes, referees, managers, and coaches to promote cyberbullying” and “harming the physical and mental health of others by focusing on illegal and bad information, such as insults, slander, and abusive attacks against those involved” would be cracked down on.In addition, it will also check activities that use the game as an excuse for minors to indulge in excessive online gaming or internet consumption, confrontation and conflict between players and fans such as managers and coaches, and competition on rating and cheering boards.It will also crack down on the dissemination of false information on local public policies and social and civil affairs related to the Asian Games and the Para Asian Games, as well as rumors of disasters, crimes, and food safety issues that could cause panic.The law also prohibits broadcasting or providing links to Asian Games programs on the Internet without permission, and stealing the copyright of the Games 카지노사이트 mascot.

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