Chatham’s Cascade Casino Project Proceeds With Official Parliamentary Approval

The site plan for the Cascade Casino in Chatham was officially approved by the city council , allowing the construction of an approximately 45,000 square foot gaming facility with two restaurants and patios. Gateway Casino and Entertainment’s project will replace Dresden’s existing slots with new, larger casinos that, according to estimates, cost around CA$36 million.

Evening’s meeting, lawmakers unanimously voted in favor of the proposed application for site planning control for Cascade Casino Chatham. With the approval of the municipality of Chatham Kent, construction of the new facility is permitted at 615 Richmond Street, Chatham, now vacant lot on the former wheel in hotel site. The planned site is 45,280 square feet and will house approximately 300 slots and more than 10 gaming tables until further approval. Construction of the building is expected to begin by this summer, so the land acquisition process is also expected to be completed in the coming months.

The site plan also includes 345 standard parking spaces, 10 barrier-free parking spaces, and 7 coach parking spaces. The property will also house Gateway’s branded restaurants, MATCH Eatery & Public House and The Buffet. The project requires $36 million in investment, but is expected to create about 200 new jobs, contributing to the local economy. Last month, Gateway revealed details of its plan that Dresden facilities would be operational while Chatham Properties was being built. But the new, larger casino is expected to open and close, when it plans to grand open in mid-2019. Employees at the current slot facility in Dresden are allowed to move to the new Chatham Casino, where employees at the current slot facility in Dresden are allowed to move to the new Chatham Casino. 바카라사이트

At a joint presentation last month, Gateway Casino and Entertainment CEO and Chatham Kent Mayor Randy Hope expressed confidence in the new project. Mayor Hope said that as Canada’s largest gaming company, Gateway is the best partner a community can have. He believes that bigger casino operations will bring more money to the city’s finances. Others said the modern building will also improve Chatham’s image as a tourist destination. According to Chatham City Councillor Derek Robertson, gateway’s most logical location for casinos is exactly in the center of the city, so it is the proposed location in addition to the John D. Bradley Convention Center.

In addition, extended game offerings should provide more funding to the city from revenue sharing agreements. According to data from the Ontario Lottery and Game Company (OLG), the city of Chatham Kent hosted the Gateway Casino Dresden in fiscal 2016/2017 and received $700,000 from the agency. In the first three months , Chathamkent received more than $190,000 in hosting fees, according to the most recent figures. OLG has paid the city more than $11 million in non-tax game revenue. Currently, Gateway Casino Dresden has 148 slot machines, while by comparison, the proposal for Cascade Casino Chatham includes more than 300 slots and game tables.

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