‘AYBC Organizer’ Gangnam Samsung Inanam attends press conference for Taiwan’s Primary National Games

Gangnam Samsung In-nam, an organizer of the Asian Youth Basketball Championship (AYBC) held last month in Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, went to Taiwan.

AYBC organizer Gangnam Samsung Innam visited Taipei, Taiwan, from Monday (18th) to Wednesday (20th) at the invitation of the Taiwan Primary Basketball Federation. Inanam was invited to participate in the press conference and the eve of the national tournament organized by the Taiwan Primary Basketball Federation.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Taiwan. With more than 300 teams participating in elementary school competitions, the number of youth basketball players is unimaginable. As a testament to this, the press conference was attended by celebrities from the entertainment industry, as well as adult national basketball players and this season’s Taiwanese middle, 카지노사이트 high school, and professional basketball MVPs.

At the dinner after the event, the coaches of the Taiwanese teams that participated in the AYBC, including Empower, An-Hsiao, Chung-Yi, and Ballin, shared their thoughts and wishes for the development of youth basketball in Asia.

“I would like to thank the Taiwanese officials for the wonderful invitation and hospitality. We had a lot of feedback on the organization, including inquiries about the second edition in 2025, and many people expressed their willingness to participate again next year.”

After successfully organizing the first large-scale youth Asian basketball tournament in Korea, Inanam will visit Japan, a participating team in the AYBC in April, as well as Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and other countries.

Inanam and the AYBC are preparing for more successful tournaments by collaborating with Asian countries. Let’s see how they will continue to develop the Korean youth basketball market.

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