3×3 Heats Up in Yeosu, Jeju Competition Successfully Concludes

The 2023 Youth Sports Hanmadang 3×3 Basketball Jeollanam-do Tournament came to a successful conclusion.

The 2023 Youth Sports Hanmadang 3×3 Basketball Jeonnam Tournament, which was held at the Yeosu Jinnam Gymnasium 안전카지노사이트 for two days from the 2nd to the 3rd, saw a total of 12 teams and 40 students compete in two categories.

The event was aimed at youths in areas that have been marginalized from 3×3 basketball, and the idea of the Korea Sports Council to have elite and ordinary students participate in the competition as a team was half successful.

Bae Hyuk-joon (Yeocheon High School 1), who competed in the tournament with friends from other schools, said, “It was a different experience. Some of my teammates were new to me, so there was some awkwardness at first, but we gradually narrowed the distance and tried to become a team. Also, this is my first time playing basketball and participating in a 3×3 tournament, and I felt the interest and attraction of 3×3 through this tournament.”

The secretariat and referees also did a great job in making the tournament run smoothly. The organizers stuck to the basics. The organizers stuck to the basics.

The secretariat staff, who oversaw the tournament, constantly cleaned the court area to ensure that there was no dust or dirt on the court, and kept non-competing players in the stands so that the court could be fully utilized by players preparing to compete.

The Jeollanam-do Basketball Association, which organized the tournament, entrusted the officiating to coaches Shim Sang-moon of Yeosu Hwa Yang Go, Kim Min-soo, Kim Hee-chul of Yeo Cheon-jung, and Jang Joon of Ssangbongcho, highlighting the organization’s commitment to creating a tournament where everyone can play. Although the 3×3 officiating system was unfamiliar to the elite coaches, they made efforts to ensure smooth officiating by instructing them to correct any mistakes immediately, even between games.

All of the people running the tournament worked together and stuck to the basics, so the players were able to play well without complaints. I can’t say that the performance was the best, but the mix of elite athletes and student athletes was enough to give 3×3 another appeal.

With the two goals of promoting 3×3 in the province and establishing a culture of athleticism among the youth, the tournament, which was held for the first time in Yeosu, will pave the way for further growth of basketball dreamers in Yeosu thanks to the interest and efforts of the Jeollanam-do Basketball Association, Yeosu City Basketball Association, and elite basketball clubs in the province.

The 2023 Youth Sports Hanmadang 3×3 Basketball Tournament will now head to Jeju, the ‘Island of Fantasy’. On December 9th and 10th, the tournament will be held at the gymnasium of Ildo Elementary School in Jeju, and we can’t wait to see what stories will be created there.

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