“No vague answers, no bullshit”

Real Madrid’s pursuit of Kylian Mbappe (26, PSG) just got a major twist.

“There could be a major change in the future of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) superstar Kylian Mbappe. Liverpool have overtaken Real Madrid as the frontrunners for his signature.”

Mbappe is the undisputed top ace of the French national team and PSG. He can play as both a winger and a frontline striker, and he has everything you need to do so, including tremendous speed, quickness, and a powerful shot.

After scoring a whopping 233 goals in 282 games for PSG, there were plenty of clubs who wanted him, especially Real Madrid. In 2022, Mbappe chose to remain at PSG, signing a new contract with the club despite Real’s wooing.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG runs until June 2024, meaning he can leave the club as a free agent at the end of the current season.

In this situation, Mbappe is free to discuss his future with other clubs. This is because the Bosman Rule allows players who are six months away from the end of their contract to negotiate freely with other clubs and then move to a new team at the end of their contract.

Real had a golden opportunity to sign Mbappe without a transfer fee.

With this opportunity, Real didn’t wait for Mbappe with the “will they” attitude of the past. Quite the opposite. “Real are planning to find out if Mbappe is willing to sign for them after his contract with PSG expires,” according to Spain’s Marca. It went on to say that Real “will not tolerate vague answers, evasive answers” and that they were playing hardball.

There were reasons for this. First, the club is less worried about scoring goals than it was last year, with the existing forward line of Rodriguez, Vinicius Jr. 토토사이트 and others showing rapid growth in their goalscoring abilities in the new year.

Add to that the emergence of Jude Bellingham, who is a midfielder but has shown to be just as decisive as a striker, and new striker Endrick, who will soon be joining them.

The second is that few teams can afford Mbappe’s exorbitant salary. As Get Football previously reported, “While Mbappe is free to move on, his exorbitant wages are a deal breaker. This limits the number of clubs that can afford him.” In effect, this meant that only a handful of clubs in the Saudi Professional League and Real Madrid could sign Mbappe.

Things have changed.

“There has been a major inflection point in Mbappe’s future,” says Team Talk. Liverpool have now overtaken Real as the frontrunners to sign Mbappe.”

“There are a few reasons why Liverpool are ahead of Real in the race to sign the player. First of all, Jürgen Klopp, 57, and Mbappe already have a good relationship. The Reds have wanted Mbappe since he was playing for AS Monaco,” explaining that the Reds were in contact with him early on.

“Klopp went to meet Mbappe, who was playing for Monaco at the time, and they negotiated on the plane for a while. If Real no longer want Mbappe, the opportunity now lies with Liverpool.”

On the same day, Le Parisien, a local newspaper in Paris, France, reported that “Liverpool are looking for a world-class striker. They have now overtaken Real in the race for the player.”

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