Two steps away from men’s soccer gold at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, South Korea’s Sun Hong-ho Hwang is in good spirits and ready for their semifinal clash with Uzbekistan. Head coach Hwang Sun-hong’s team held its final training session on Wednesday evening at the Huanglong Sports Center Auxiliary Stadium in Hangzhou, China, in preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games Semifinal against Uzbekistan (9 p.m. ET on Thursday – Huanglong Sports Center Stadium).In the first part of the training session, which was open to the media, the team warmed up with short passing drills before moving on to full-scale preparations for the match against Uzbekistan. Hangzhou has been experiencing cooler temperatures in recent days compared to the balmy summer weather at the start of the tournament, and today’s training session was punctuated by a light drizzle that cooled things down a bit .The mood of the team was also much calmer than the previous day’s recovery session, when the team was still a bit buoyed by the quarterfinal victory over China (Day 1). Head coach Hwang Sun-hong watched his players from afar with a cautious look on his face, as if deep in thought .Despite a clean 2-0 win over China in the quarterfinals, which was considered the biggest test of the tournament, Hwang is not letting his guard down. “The ‘best enemy’ is within us,” he said, and his players are on high alert. “After the quarterfinals, we had enough fun for one day, but we’re talking to our teammates about getting back to workouts and preparing for the game and not letting our guard down,” said national team midfielder Ko Young-jun (Pohang).”The coach especially emphasizes that we can’t let our guard down, so the players are aware of that. I think he emphasizes that because he thinks we can win if we do what we’ve prepared, and the players feel that way too.” “The more we play, the better our team chemistry is and the more we work well together. We want to prepare well for the 스포츠토토 remaining matches and bring good results.”

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